Entrepreneurship center recommends: 9 books for your business dream to come true

As is often the case, at the beginning of your own business even the simplest decisions can be the hardest ones. Despite the great number of available business literature, the necessary publication can just go past you. That’s why the UCU Entrepreneurship center decided to do the small «homework» for you and created the selection of related publications that will be surely useful on your way to building the business of your dream!


Ecosystems: the understanding of ecosystems doesn’t come apart from the context, in which you want to create a product. That’s why we recommend 2 top books for the better perception of this theme:

1. «Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle» (Dan Senor).

2. «Start-up City» created by StartupAmsterdam agency.
«Always cast doubts on the obvious things, put questions and dispute. For the development of the company you need to encourage the workers to express dissent and alternative opinions, because if you don’t even suspect that your employees don’t agree with you — you are in trouble.» (Source — Yakaboo).

3. Now you understand the context, but what’s next? Further, you need to realize that there are the black swans in this world. And they are everywhere. That’s why the next choice is obvious — Nassim Taleb and his «Black Swan».

4. By the way, the next prize winner can compete regarding the profundity with the above book — a new book written by the leading business-futurologist of the world Adrian J. Slywotzky, which LvBS published exclusively in online version, «David wins: the discipline of incommensurable victory». The book encourages to think and work, care for making important decisions quickly and good storytelling.

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5. The next book has to be essential for most people despite the sphere one starts the business in — «The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company» by Steve Blank. The title of the book speaks for itself!

6. If you want to be innovative you need to be fast and outstanding, that’s why the book «Marketing Warfare» by Jack Trouts has been the classics for the long time and also a must read of our selection.

7. You can find a lot of practical pieces of advice at the intersection of marketing and innovations in the book «Contagious: Why Things Catch On» by Jonah Berger.

8. Сorporates are the new startups and this part of our selection will be useful and interesting as for the startups so as for the companies that want to become more innovative. More and more companies worldwide start teaching, buying, growing startups, and becoming their clients. At the same time, startups think how to turn enterprises into their clients or how to grow and sell startups for a rewarding price. About the cooperation of this, at a first glance, contrary worlds you can read in the book «The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups» by Trevor Owens, and also

9. «Lean Enterprise: How High-Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale» by Jez Humble.

Enjoy the reading!

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