Entrepreneurship center is looking for the acceleration teams!

10 May 2018

Till May 25th there will be an ongoing enlistment for the acceleration programs of Entrepreneurship center — project of LvBS and Ukrainian Catholic University. The goal of the study is the development of technological prototypes and their scaling on the market. The center will help teams with the EdTech, FoodTech or AdTech (Digital Marketing) specialities to enhance the level of their development within 14 weeks. This study unites the theoretical block with the work «in the fields», and also it is conducted by mentors — professionals in the technology and field-specific spheres. The program is free of charge, Entrepreneurship center will join in 5% of the company share for the sake of the future projects development of the Center.

Studying in the Entrepreneurship center is:

  • 500+ hours of theory and practice;
  • 20+ mentors and P2P mentoring for each of the team;
  • a lot of independent work with the clients;
  • weekly consultation with the Center team;
  • participation in the free Center events;
  • work space in Sheptytskyi Center;
  • constant keeping track of the results of company development during the program and after its completion;
  • being a part of LvBS community;
  • final presentation of the results in front of the potential investors on Demoday.


Available programs:

EdTech –  development of the projects at the intersection of education and technologies and creation of modern and simple methods for the organization of studying. Areas of focus: Educational Platforms, Vr/Ar in Eduсation, Personalization, Chatbots, Blended Learning Facilities, Hardware etc.

AdTech  – development of the projects in the field of digital marketing, and also, the improvement of the existing practices in analyses and processing of data. Areas of focus: CRM, User Generation, Funnels Optimisation, Media Analytics, AdBlockers etc.

FoodTech – development of the products at the intersection of gastronomy and technology, and expertise from emotion holding company !FEST. Areas of focus: Biological inventions, Logistics, Automatization and robotization, Customer experience improvement, Mobile, AR, Hardware.

Are you ready to work hard and create business that keeps pace with the times and market needs? See you at the study then! Fill in the application form together with your team and let’s create the innovations in the Entrepreneurship center together!