A New Group for Key Executive MBA Starts a Course

30 Apr 2013

Lviv Business School launched another course for new participants of the Key Executive MBA programmeThe first module started on April 24 with a course on ‘Innovative Business Models’ by Joao Perre Viana.

The course from a founder of LeonardShop investment fund abounds in practical examples on implementing business ideas. Joao also told about his own successful startups.

Key Executive MBA programme participants generated business ideas in small groups to solve the problems of clients. They tested their ideas in practice trying to build a canvas of a business model. This way, the participants had a chance to run the process needed to make a conscious not an intuitive decision – whether to start a business, how viable the business model is, whether funds are worth investing, etc.

During the ‘Innovative Business Models’ course many participants reconsidered their managerial decisions about their own businesses. “I got more self-confident because things I used to discover by trial and error method are now classified in my head in the right order and I know I was doing right. What I liked most is that Joao is a practicing expert and every case we analyzed was a real success or failure,” the programme participant Oleksandr Kachmar,the director of Lviv location of ‘Global Logic’ company notes.

Deputy director of the city branch of ‘Oshchadbank’ JSC Yuriy Samets revealed that the course induced him to make a decision to introduce in bank branches client problem tests.

During the first module,  Key Executive MBA  participants also had a course on ‘Spiral Dynamics: Evolution of Thought, Leadership, and Management’ by Valeriy Pekar. ‘Understanding the variety of thought paradigms is the first step towards understanding your own paradigm and limitations it entails; this is the impetus for further development”!, a ‘Euroindex’ company President believes.