Joint Meeting of the Supervisory and Advisory Boards Held at LvBS

Participants in the meeting were representatives of the Advisory Council Adrian Slywotzky, director at Oliver Wyman; Carl Ceininger, a professor at Princeton University; Andriy Khudo, chairman of the Holding of Emotions !Fest; and Pavlo Sheremeta, chairman of the Advisory Council, President of KSE. The Supervisory Board was represented by Oleh Denys, executive vice president for administration of the corporation SoftServe; Andrew Kostiuk, vice president of the law firm Pavlenko, Statsenko, and Osinchuk; Yaroslav Rushchyshyn, director of Trottola; and vice rectors of the Ukrainian Catholic University Yuriy Logush and Volodymyr Turchynovskyy.

“People who are on the Advisory and Supervisory Boards of LvBS have experience in business and education, so they can give valuable advice to the school on how to develop in the future,” says director Sophia Opatska. She said that during the meeting of April 11 experts discussed what the Lviv Business School should be in 2020-2025, and how, through business education in a variety of formats, the LvBS can help their clients solve their problems.

“The plan of the overall vision envisions us becoming the best in our field by 2020-2025,” says Pavlo Sheremeta. “The subsequent trajectory of development will include local, national, regional (Eastern), and then global companies.”

Adrian Slywotzky, the only Ukrainian among the top 50 experts in management in the world, according to Pavlo Sheremeta, proposed three main aims for Ukrainian companies looking to succeed in the global marketplace: knowledge of the English language, finding the area where they can become the best in the world, and lifelong learning.

“The question is how to become the best in the world. On the one hand, we have Adrian Slywotzky’s complete theory, and on the other hand, contacts with the leading business thinkers. Accordingly, based on these achievements, we can build a methodology for the school,” said Pavlo Sheremet.

Let us remind that the LvBS Supervisory Board has been operating since the beginning of the existence of the school; the Advisory Board was created fifteen years ago and headed by Pavlo Sheremeta, President of KSE, Chairman and CEO of the of Eastern Europe and Central Asia Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Institute.