Bishop Gudziak: The atypical proximity of theology and business is present in Lviv Business School

14 Feb 2013

As Bishop Gudziak said, now the question is: “Are we ready to grow further, take on new responsibilities, reach out?”  The rector expressed his wish that the school expanded its scope and was present in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and even in other countries.

During the celebration of the 5th anniversary, the leader LvBS Sophia Opatska said that the Lviv Business School of UCU was established precisely because it operates together with a special university: “It would not be what it is today if not for the university. We are proud of our small victories – the projects that the MBA graduates implement, their managerial successes. The start of a master’s program in innovation and entrepreneurship last year was a big step for us. In September 2013 a graduate program in management of information technology begins. I’m certain this will be the only and the best program in Ukraine. We are proud of our community, which cares about the future of Ukraine. This is the only school that focuses on values and responsible business.”

National Deputy of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also participated in the conference. He noted that perhaps at first glance it may seem strange that a Catholic university, faith, and pragmatic business matters are intertwined, especially since sometimes it is believed that faith, values​​, and morality are just obstacles. “However, the presence of this combination creates for the Lviv Business School true competitiveness in the market. After all, the key to business is values. If you are armed with values, ​​you are invincible. The system of values is the best counterbalance of any evil.”

Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the EU is one step toward the creation of values ​​in Ukrainian society, says the deputy. Another major and necessary condition to achieve dreams, in his opinion, is the belief in victory and a professional team where there is trust and which is formed by values​​. “The Ukrainian Catholic University was founded precisely through this faith in victory,” said Poroshenko.

The Lviv Business School was congratulated on its fifth anniversary by founders: Yaroslav Rushchyshyn (Trottola), Taras Kytsmey (SoftServe) and Nazar Kupybida (Galnaftogaz) as well as by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

Summing up, the chairman of the Advisory Board Pavlo Sheremeta said that the 5th anniversary of LvBS is a celebration of success, dreams, and values. “Our responsibility is to stand up tomorrow with new big dreams! Our tomorrow will be what we dream today. So we dream of something big: there is only one life and it’s not a dress rehearsal.”