Executives from Lviv, Kharkiv, Rivne started studying at LvBS

23 Oct 2014

On October, 15th a new group of Key Executive MBA have joined the big community of LvBS. They have different backgrounds and represent various types of organizations, such as big companies (pharmacy, agroculture, industry), social-oriented business, NGOs, and Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. 

Serhiy Gusovskyy, a famous restaurateur, businessman, who became a politician in order to drive a change in Ukraine (a deputy in Kyiv City Hall since 2014), was a guest-speaker at the opening of the Start of the new Key Executive MBA program. He urged Ukrainian entrepreneurs to join politics since he believes that awakening of Ukraine will begin in cities. “Local status-quo will change thanks to all the engaged and concerned”, he claims. 

The purpose of the introductory module at the KEMBA was to approach business strategies and to lead into business context. During the first day, the participants attended the course Macroeconomics and executive decision-making. Yaroslav Prytula, PhD, Associate Professor at Lviv Ivam Franko National University, acquinted the group with basic principles of macroeconomic analysis and its relevance in the times of global recession. Starting from the next module, the group will discuss types of macroeconomic policy for beating the crisis. 

Going down from macro-dimension to individual level, the participants along with Natalka Shpot, business coach, the Head of Lviv Project Management School, analyzed their personal learning styles and interacted in the new group. What’s even more important, the participants not only got acquinted with each other, but also found out, how each of them will be usefull for the others.

Joao Perre Viana, founder of the investment fund LeonardShop, presented to the group principles of structuring business-models. With the examples of various successful start-ups, the executives investigated, how to reveal up-coming consumer trends. Together with the lecturer, the participants got a chance to project business-models of their own innovative products.

On the last day of the first study module, executives of the KEMBA attended the course Blue Oceans Strategies by Pavlo Sheremeta, the Head of Advisory Board of LvBS, the former Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. The participants shared with Pavlo Sheremeta their executive experience, contemplated on customer pain points, and analyzed their own companies and organizations within blue oceans strategy.

One of the key principle of Lviv Business School is establishing outstanding Community of the current participants and the graduates. That is why at the end of the module, the LvBS team gathered Alumni of the Key Executive MBA and the new KEMBA group.  In the friendly atmosphere, the graduates and the participants presented to each other their achievements and plans. Altogether with Pavlo Sheremeta, they worked out main steps of efficient networking for graduates of Lviv Business School.