Wish big, – Annual Report 2014

11 Dec 2014

Dear Friends and Fellows,

It has not been that long since the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) opened Lviv Business School, but today I have strong
grounds to state that it is a great gift given by God to our society as a whole and the University in particular.

The School reveals and promotes something quite unknown to our country, which is business with a human face. It unites people who understand that values, as our Professor Yaroslav Hrytsak says, “can be spread on bread”. It is a close-knit family of people who know that business can be successful only if, apart from profits, it yields benefits to society and fosters prosperity of the whole nation.

On behalf of UCU management, I would like to extend our gratitude to the community of Lviv Business School for their active participation in the Revolution of Dignity. I do believe that your sound advice will help rebuild the Ukrainian economy, implement reform, cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs who will be accountable to people and cherish such values as hard work,creativity and patriotism.

I have high hopes for Good Governance, a program for an innovative approach to governance, launched this year by LvBS together with UCU Institute of Leadership and Management and International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues. I deem that this Program is a creative response of the Ukrainian Catholic University to the current challenges in our state. It stems from the premise that only young, educated and honest people in public administration (both central and local government agencies) are capable of transforming our cities and villages from within. Ukraine is in dire need of qualified public administrators who display initiative, challenge stereotypes, are prepared for hard work, and are not corrupt. I hope that UCU ethics and high professional standards of Lviv Business School will help these civil servants stand firm through these difficult times of uncertainty, and they, in their turn, will showcase it to other people.

Every day our society faces an array of problems, the gravest ones being poverty and corruption. I call upon each student, teacher and employee of UCU Lviv Business School to contribute to their resolution. I do trust that your innovative approach to education, demanding attitude towards yourselves and other people will yield good fruits, so that there will be no room for corruption, at least in the environment of Lviv entrepreneurs.

Thank you once again for your commitment and hard work. I have one overarching wish for you — I want Lviv Business School to make the world better every day. However to do so, you must be united. I advise and request that you continue creating a community and helping each other. The more different clusters and communities of like-minded that we have in our society, the more people will know that they can always count on advice, help, support from their colleagues and friends, and the more successful the entire society will be.

Wish big!
Glory be to Jesus Christ!
Rev. Dr. Bohdan Prakh

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