The great start of LvBS 2016 for innovators and HR professionals

13 Oct 2016

“We can not avoid learning!” – under such a slogan the training at master’s programs of Lviv Business School of UCU  MA in Human Resources and Organization Development and MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship was started.


Academic Director of LvBS Yaryna Boychuk welcomed the new participants with the presentation on learning in School:

“Here you will have no templates and “pills” for the immediate “big” results. Instead of pills and templates, we will get concepts and solution options. Your task will be to take that what you will may need and to find “yours”. Do not wait when you will get everything put “on the table” just to take it. “Add” yours on this “knowledge buffet”, “taste” the new.

Be ready for the diversity. Respect it, learn how to use it. Even if the disputes arise from the diversity, this is only the chance to receive an idea from them. Share and divide!

Treat wisely the failures. In LvBS you can make mistakes, because we are against the concept of the post-Soviet fear of mistakes. Of course, we do not encourage to make mistakes, but allow it, because the mistakes are the easiest way to study.

Get ready for the hard work. And behold, as soon as you are in this room, we no longer consider you the representatives of the companies. We see the individuals with whom we want to work together and learn. Since 99.9% of our teachers come here to study in the process as well.”

The first module of the program MA in Human Resources and Organization Development was devoted to the theme “HR Business Partnership in an international business context”, and these contexts throughout the module were told by the academic program leader Anna Lewis to the group.


The practical part of the module was in the consideration of the real case studies from the program graduates, who implementing the acquired knowledge into practice, achieved the high results. During a visit to the holding of emotions! FEST, a  program graduate Natalya Mazyar and co-founder of holding shared the experience on “HR Function in FEST Holding Emotions! – HR as a Business Function in real life application”. Also the practical cases from the own professional experiences shared HR business partner of the company “Imperial Brands”Olena Sklyarenko.

Program Manager Ira Lepska shares her impressions of the new MA in Human Resources and Organization Development: “The group of HR professionals was formed from the global and national system companies from the sphere of IT, HoReCa, pharmacology, manufacturing, bank sphere, etc. The average professional experience of the members of this group is 5 years. We are confident that within the program, the participants will be able to implement the projects that will add value to their businesses. Pleased that a professional network of the alumni and members of the two previous groups of the program was joined by the new, strong and prospective members!”

Also the group met with Brazil’s creative entrepreneur Marìlya Lobo, who prompted what signposts should be taken into account in the “Learning Journey”:

“Understand your personal values and the environment where you are.

Commitment leads to productivity, so work hard and throw yourself in the business.

Learn to let go. This is the hardest thing. I cried when I sold my company. But it is necessary.

Accept uncertainty, even if frightened.

Notify the world about your goals, dreams and plans.

And believe that the magic will happen.”

With the participants of the program of innovation and entrepreneurship in the first MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program module Marìlya spoke on the theme of “Entrepreneurial Journey”, “Creating Value through Entrepreneurship: basic concepts in Business Excellence”, “The Social Entrepreneurship challenge.”

The first module for the innovators pasted over the study of “Strategies of the new business development. Fundamentals of innovative entrepreneurship “with Denys Dovhopolyi, co-founder and managing partner of GrowthUP Group, President of the business accelerator GrowthUP.

Denis shared his impressions of work with MSIE5: ” The group proved to be smart. Since I taught to them for the first time, I had to spend a little time to “roll out”. But for the second day, when we went from the theory to the practical things; the members began to ask questions that have demonstrated that they have a very good baseline, there are projects for which they asked questions. And, most importantly, there is the motivation to gain knowledge. And they know where to get it. It seems to me, that the group is good and strong.”


Mykhaylo Dumanskyi, manager of the program tells about this year enrollment: “Members of a new group MSIE5 are interesting with their very multilateral interests, areas of interests and projects. At the same time, they all are on the same emotional level and have a lively interest in the new knowledge and dating. Each member of this group complements it. I am sure that such interactions have the potential to create some good niche products. There is a lot of work ahead, but I think that after 5-6 months we will have the first important results.”

After the first day of getting acquainted with Lviv Business School of UCU, the participants got a chance to get to know each other during the welcome drink in the refectory of UCU.


The dean of LVBS Sofia Opatska, senator of UCU, founder of LvBS, founder and general director of OJSC “Trottola” Yaroslav Rushchyshyn and the Board Member of SoftServe company Taras Verveha greeted the participants of the diplomaed master’s degree program with a new role.


Welcome the “newbie” of LvBS, enjoy “flying”!

We remind that soon starts two diploma programs: KEMBA (October 5) and MSc in Technology Management(October 19). You still have time to register for the training.