How to Effectively Manage a Small Business – Second Group Completes Program

On March 28 the course for small business owners “Leading Small Business Effectively” came to an end. In the final module, participants studied marketing and sales.

The course in strategic marketing was taught by Ihor Hut, managing partner of DYB Ukraine. Participants studied the DNA of strategic marketing, Adrian Slywotzky’s golden triangle, and many other tools of building a successful company. During sales auditor at DYB Oles Pischak’s course in sales strategy, besides reviewing theory, the participants looked at many practical cases and examples to study the strategies and tools needed to increase sales.

During the program “Leading Small Business Effectively” participants took classes in strategic planning with Oleksandra Baklanova, in finance with Mykhailo Salo, Lubomyr Tarnovsky, and Taras Khoma, in HR with Olha Sadokha and Sophia Opatska, and in legal aspects of business with Andriy Hrynchuk; they also attended meetings and workshops with Yaryna Klyuchkovska, Andriy Khudo, and Pavlo Sheremeta.

We wish the participants every success and to effectively use the knowledge that they obtained at LvBS!

The next module for the program “Leading Small Business Effectively” starts in October 2014 and will last until February 2015.

This program is tailored to meet the demands arising from all life cycles of a small company, starting from its establishment or acquisition to the selling of the business. The knowledge that the program offers will help small business owners avoid common mistakes and create a solid basis for sustainable financial success at all stages of the life cycles. The training course consists of five modules, each one focuses on a different topic.