How to Win in the Global market – A Unique Course from a Leading Business Thinker Begins at LvBS

22 Sep 2013

Two intense days of work for CEOs and senior executives with leading business thinker Adrian Slywotzky at the Lviv Business School of UCU launched a three-month course on “The Art of Victory,” which has no analogues in Ukraine.

The course “The Art of Victory” is unique in terms of its methodology and content. After two days of direct work with Slywotzky, participants moved on to a three-month-long distance learning period, performing tasks, and working with the recommended books. In December, there will be a follow-up with Adrian Slywotzky in Lviv.

How to determine areas of ​​unprofitability, priorities of clients who want to build an effective business model, what is the source of strategic control, how the world is changing in terms of the migration of capital, what possibilities will appear in the next 5 years, how to create as a magnetic proposal – to these questions and more members will look for answers during an intense two-day course (September 19-20). Adrian Slywotzky offered specific tools and steps which the will use in the next 12 weeks to apply this knowledge and tasks to their own business.

According to Adrian Slywotzky, today the best entrepreneurs recognize that power has been transferred from the business to the customers, so they create an effective business model to protect their profitability not from their competitors but to oppose the power of the customers:

“Neither quality services nor a good price is a priority for your customers. The customers’ priority is that which they can get only from you. So if you want to win in the creation of capital, be the number one choice for your customers. To do this, listen to your customers. To avoid risk, the expert advises to analyze one’s own business model, how long it will last, and what alternatives can be developed.

In the process of building an effective business, flexibility, openness to change, and readiness to learn are crucial: “Always look for the best, since customers are changing. See the world through the eyes and emotions of the consumers: they do not want to deceive us, because its not their goal to determine what will be a valuable proposition for the future, but ours.

As for doing business in Ukraine,  the expert gave strategic advice to the managers:
– Thoroughly learn English not only yourselves, but make sure all the people in your organization do as well,
– Read a lot and do it strategically (define the purpose of what you are reading, work on the text, analyze it, and come back to it)
– Create and expand your business network

The last session the business consultant dedicated to the leadership model using the example of the leaders of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries such as John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie. The key question that Adrian Slywotzky posed after studying the experience of these leaders: What is the relationship between the value of the business, ethical leadership, and social responsibility?” Deciphering what is the best is extremely difficult, so do not always believe what you read, see what is behind it,” advises the expert.

At the end of the two-day session, the business consultant, who is the top 25 best in the world, explained why he decided to “invest” his efforts in this project and create a unique course at LvBS: “First, the team of the Lviv Business School UCU: they started with nothing and worked very hard. They have a unique spirit, strength, endurance, tenacity, and intelligence. Working together with you, those who joined this course, and thinking differently from others, you can create the best business school. Secondly, I believe – no, I know, that the best entrepreneur-leader of the 21st century may be a person who sits here among us. I know that here may develop a community and network of unique ethical leaders who can contribute to true changes, the kind which were brought by Steve Jobs, Jeffrey Bezos, and others, and I wish you every success in your work for the next five decades.”

The next meeting with Adrian Slywotzky at the Lviv Business School of UCU is scheduled for December of this year.