How to Manage Leadership and Change? Pavlo Sheremeta Spoke at CEEMAN Conference in Almaty

Pavlo Sheremeta, Director of the UCU’s School of Public Managementand member of LvBS Advisory Board, held a one and a half hour workshop on Leadership and Change Management at the 23rd CEEMAN Annual Conference that brought together about 200 participants from 40 countries worldwide.

The Conference took place on September 23-26 in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and is the central annual event of CEEMAN (the Central and East European Management Development Association). It gathers deans and directors of universities and business schools, corporate partners, and international publishers. The topic of the 2015 Conference was Localization vs. Globalization of Management Development in Dynamic Societies.

It is noteworthy that Lviv Business School of UCU became a CEEMAN member in 2009.