How to manage an organization, why is marketing important, business ethics – a module for innovators

14 Apr 2014

A workshop from a leading business thinker in the world of Adrian Slywotzky, new courses, interesting meetings, and work on one’s own projects: the sixth training module of the Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship was held April 9-12.

The main part of this module was the course “Organizational Development” by Alla Georgiadi and John Konbere, experts in organizational learning and development (University of St. Thomas, USA). Participants discussed with the experts the communication process in companies, how to resolve conflicts, how to provide feedback to employees, different ways of managing the company, and how to shape the corporate culture. They learned interactively: in the format of discussions, group and individual work.

Ihor Gut, an expert in marketing and business strategy, taught the second group of participants in the MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship the course “Creating Customer Value and Marketing Innovation.” He highlighted the strict rules of business: “If you do not have the personality, then innovation will not help!”

Vladyslav Zhuravel, a participant of the program, commented: “For me the most interested part of the module was the marketing course by Ihor Gut. I learned a lot of useful information for myself. I will definitely use the tools that he shared with us in the work on my project.”

During breaks, participants discussed the sociopolitical situation in Ukraine and tested their projects.

A special and outstanding part of the module was the workshop “Business Ethics and History” by Adrian Slywotzky, one of the most famous business thinkers in the world. The participants talked about the business ethics of John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. Now the participants will work on analyzing these businessmen’s business strategies.

Another interesting meeting was the workshop “Intercultural Characteristics and Their Impact on Business Communication” with Manmeet Singh, a venture partner at New Access Capital, a lecturer at the EMLYON Business School in Shanghai and the MS in Technology Management. Participants talked about cultural stereotypes, how they affect business, and how these stereotypes can be broken.

During the module the young innovators also analyzed the strategies to promote their business projects through social networking with Otar Dovzhenko, a journalist, media expert, and lecturer at the UCU School of Journalism, and worked on the statistics of their research with Iryna Symovonyk.

In addition, the future entrepreneurs learned to calculate financial risks and benefits with Lubombyr Tarnovsky, CFO of UCU, and discussed the modern market’s ethical offers in the course “The Power of a Moral Vision” by Volodymyr Turchynovsky, director of the International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues.

The May module is approaching, so participants are actively working on their home reading and individual projects.