How Will You Measure Your Life? – LvBS Graduates Meet to Talk About Values

2 Mar 2016

How Will You Measure Your Life? – On February 26, Lviv Business School of UCU hosted a meeting/ discussion bringing together LvBS graduates.


The event was held within the framework of a presentation of the Ukrainian translation of Clayton Christensen’s book of the same name published by LvBS in cooperation with the Stary Lev Publishing House.

Its special guest was Danyil Pasko, President of the Harvard Club of Ukraine, founder of Professional Government and Easy Business, member of the National Council of Reforms. Danyil, Clayton Christensen’s former student at Harvard, shared his memories of meeting the author, “When I was a student at Harvard Business School, Clayton Christensen was its most influential professor. There were several things distinguishing him from others: an extremely respectful attitude to criticism, rock-solid principles, and superiority of values over money.” 

Danyil Pasko

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Danyil Pasko had prepared a surprise for LvBS graduates: he had recorded a video message of his groupmate who co-authored the book, James Allworth. The latter shared his memories of cooperation with Clayton while writing the book, “He inspires students to be successful gentlemen. Clayton wrote the book based on his extensive research conducted at Harvard Business School. The focus of his research was not just on success in business, but also on culture and motivation. Writing the book with Professor Christensen was one of the most inspiring and challenging moments in my career.”

How Will You Measure Your Life? is an attempt to draw on business ideas to present ways of achieving goals that we all set for ourselves: career building, happy family relationships, and harmonious upbringing of children. The book is not limited to generic theories. The authors use specific examples to put forward strategies for achieving success. This book is targeted onthose who seek to find answers to important life questions and are ready to take responsibility for the outcomes.

LvBS graduates comment on the book:

LvBS graduates comment on the book

Yuriy Samets, Deputy Manager of the Lviv City Branch of Oschadbank JSC, Key Executive MBAbelieves that the book How Will You Measure Your Life? changes one’s view of both global philosophical matters and daily principles, “I do not violate traffic rules anymore. It’s one thing, however small, that the book changed in my life. The book stimulates one to set goals and accomplish them by different means. It inspires and motivates people to move forward.”   

RostyslavOlenchyn, cofounderofPawillion (innovative coworking space), MS in Technology Management:

“It’s a great pleasure to read a book written by a person whose life is grounded in values. The author admits that he is a believer and that his faith shapes his life views. This book helps you understand that there are some fundamental values that determine the quality of your business, relationships, and family.”

Oksana Puzhakovska, Development Manager at PLAST (National Scout Organization of Ukraine), MS in Innovations and Entrepreneurship, says that the book inspired her to keep learning and searching for something new, “I don’t know how to stay true to myself and I’m not ashamed of admitting that. Clayton himself admits that it took him 15 years to develop that awareness. This book helped me understand that a desire for new knowledge is what moves me forward and urges me to never stop.”

The Ukrainian translation of the book was published by Lviv Business School of UCU in cooperation with the Stary Lev Publishing House. Its director, Mykola Sheyko, attended the presentation and said that the book had inspired an entire series of other publications, “The book would not have come into existence if it hadn’t been for Lviv Business School of UCU. It was very engaging to work on the publication as it opened a new niche for us – a niche of business literature that is so scarce on the Ukrainian market.” 

 Sophia Opatska on Alumni meeting

In the end, Dean of Lviv Business School, Sophia Opatska, who moderated the discussion, quoted an excerpt of the book How Will You Measure Your Life?that talks about the importance of devoting sufficient time to understanding your life goal, which might become your most valuable discovery. The author believes that the best period for personal development and self-improvement is when you are a student because later your time and attention are taken by fast-track career development, family obligations, and material rewards for success. 

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