The story of LvBS alumni who conquered the peak!

26 Dec 2016

In any kind of hill climbing the most essential things are team spirit and the feeling of trust to people, who climb together with you. Friendly atmosphere, desire to help each other and to achieve your goal together – these are the words which describe Pre-New Year summit ascent of the Pikui Mountain by LvBS Alumni!

«Mountains take off people’s masks showing who they really are. For example, it shows whether you are a team player or a kind of person who cares only about his own interests», – says Andriy Rozhdestvenskyy, LvBS Professor.

«I always wanted to climb to the mountain peak in winter. Doing this together with LvBS alumni – is a great opportunity to make your dream come true» – says Oksana Hudzovata, the alumnus of  KEMBA Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

«I am very happy that we already have a tradition to see the old year off in the company of  LvBS Alumni.  And this is not just an ordinary “restaurant” office party. This is a summit ascent, a boost of physical health, discovery of new heights, meditation in the open air, examination of your connection with outer space and a fresh look at yourself and the world around you. And this all is happening in a friendly and sincere company of cool and incredibly interesting people. Super! » – says Andriy Bandrivskyy, the participant of KEMBA and initiator of active recreation with LvBS alumni.

«I love mountain hiking, especially in Scandinavian countries, but I don’t always have people,  who can go there with me. When I found out the opportunity to conquer one of the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains together with LvBS alumni I agreed immediately! », – says Iryna Troshchynska, the alumnus of MSIE program.

It’s already the second winter in a row when the alumni, employees and teachers of the School spearheaded by KEMBA alumni come to the Carpathians together with their families and spend the weekend together: communicate, climb to the snow-covered peaks, ski, have a rest and breathe fresh mountain air.

Such journeys make people closer and give the alumni more time for communication, which is not always enough during and after completion of studies. Fantastic memories and impressions will still remind of these wonderful days, spent together!