How to save ones business during a crisis – advice from a practicing marketer

24 Mar 2014

What to expect from the economy in the near future, how to manage your niche, what determines the behavior of clients, and how to effectively promote your own business? Andrey Dligach, CEO of the group of companies Advanter Group on March 22 at the Lviv Business School’s Ideas Lab gave a workshop “Business Strategy in an Era of Transformation.”

According to experts, Ukraine is experiencing a cultural, ideological, and historical transformation, and this opens up new possibilities and ideas. “There are always niches in which your business can be successful, you just need to figure out where to look for them,” said Andrey Dligach, who, by the way, was named the best coach and marketing consultant in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Marketing Awards and the best management consultant by TradeMaster.

In order to save a business during a crisis, the expert advises businesspersons to follow these guidelines:
– To save on costs and focus on what is most important
– Suspend the least promising projects
– To find new niches and identify where there is a demand for entirely new products
– Find ways to increase customer loyalty
– Preserve assets and maintain the civil society, as a new country is the citizens’ dream and a demand of the Maidan.