A Leading Business Expert Tells How Ukrainian Companies Can Become Leaders in Global Market in 10 Years

Ukrainian companies that are most customer problem solving oriented and today think about the steps needed to become world best in their field in 10 years can become leaders in international market.

This is the main idea Adrian Slywotzky, one of the world top-50 business thinkers, expressed during the press briefing at the UCU LvBS conference ‘The Phenomenon of Demand: How To Become a Visionary of Customer Desires’ that took place on April, 10 in Kyiv. The conference hosted 130 participants: leaders, managers, top-managers of Ukrainian companies, and politicians.

A prominent expert in modern management believes that still 10 years ago the competitiveness of Ukrainian companies in world market was beyond discussion: «However, today, Ukraine finds itself in an interesting position as to the evolution of its economy», a LvBS Advisory board member Adrian Slywotzky believes. «Over the past ten years, many changes took place, both positive and negative, but economic situation is much better in quality. That is why Ukrainian business today should ask itself: are there any fields in our sectors where we might become the best internationally in 7 or 10 years? Democratization of competition in the world today allows talking about this».

Adrian Slywotzky provided Korean experience. Over the past 15 years, Korea managed to leapfrog far ahead, while Korean companies entered a competition with world leaders internationally. «Such kind of success, for instance of «Samsung» company, can be explained by the fact that they started studying fundamentals of demand creation», an OliverWyman partner tells. «Global economy is now living through the fifth year of the seven locust years. In 2008, a huge downfall took place, another one is expected in 2 or 3 years. However, even during overall stagnation each industry and geographic area presents exceptions that reveal up to 20% annual growth. They managed to win not only loyalty of clients, but also enthusiasm of their buyers».

Adrian Slywotzky explainsgrowth rates of such companies by the fact that they managed to become real creators of demand. He revealed major favourable factors to that: «Demand creators start with the customer problem points map. Also, demand creators create a magnetic product that establishes emotional bond with the customer. They consider for context, they try to shape the best background while realizing what is behind the product». Another factor for demand creation, in the expert opinion, is the search of a unique catalyst motivating a customer to buy. «To become real demand creators, keep thinking about improvement path: the best demand creators know that at the moment they release the product for the first time nobody realizes its drawbacks better than they do, that is why they immediately start developing an upgraded version».

To sum up, the business consultant recommended to companies to apply the existing tools for demand creation in their companies, despite the stagnation and disappointing expectations of another European crash.

The head of the UCU LvBS Sofia Opatska believes such kind of conferences offer a brilliant chance for Ukrainian business to discuss opportunities of increasing both their own competitiveness on the level of their companies, and the overall level of the country. «Companies can only become competitive when they solve the problems of their customers and create added value», Sofia Opatska notes. «We are honored to have translated two recent books by Adrian Slywotzky on The Art of Demand Creation and The Upside. Ukrainian business community should take pride in the fact that a Ukrainian person is one of the world top-50 business thinkers who can shape global opinion on business and management».

The conference «The Phenomenon of Demand: How To Become a Visionary of Customer Desires» also included a round-table discussion with managerial implications for Ukrainian companies. The round table included Adrian Slywotzky, Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, chair of the board of «Raiffeizen Bank Aval» PJSC, Dmytro Shymkiv, CEO at «Microsoft Ukraine», Yuriy Lohush, vice rector in strategy and programme development in Ukrainian Catholic University. The discussion was moderated by LvBS Advisory board chair, president of «Kyiv School of Economics» Pavlo Sheremeta.

Partners of the conference:
PAT “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”
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