Iaroslav Prytula

Iaroslav Prytula
  • Dean of the Applied Sciences Faculty at the UCU
  • Professor in Quantitative Methods for Business Decision-Making and Economics
  • He did his internship at The George Washington University, USA


Programs and courses:
Corporate programs
Academic Experience
  • At the National Bank of Poland, Yaroslav acted as a scholarly supervisor on enhancing the macroeconomic modelling and forecasting the Eastern European economies.
  • Besides, he is a Member of Global Policy Fellows Program of the Institute for Higher Education (Washington, USA).
  • Yaroslav is actively involved in econometric modelling and forecasting, as well as research in the field of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.
  • He is the author of numerous publications on complex analysis, macroeconomics, and forecasting. Yaroslav has participated in a large number of international conferences, training, and research programs.