Igor Blystiv

Igor Blystiv is the Marketing Director and Director of Innovation at Kormotech. Member of the Academic Council and Director of the MSc in Marketing Management program, instructor of the MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship program. Academic leader and instructor of the Marketing for Business Management Development program. Graduate of the Key Executive MBA LvBS master’s program.

He has over 15 years of marketing experience. Areas of expertise include strategic marketing, brand creation and development, brand portfolio management, and brand promotion in the Ukrainian and export markets. Achievements in 14 years at Kormotech include leadership in the pet food market in Ukraine (2015-2017), products represented in 20 countries, TM “Miau” as the #1 brand in the category and the largest brand on the market, TM “Club 4 paws” as one of the three largest pet food brands in Ukraine, creation of the Optimeal brand and entry into EU markets, and entry of the Optimeal brand into the US market. Trust has been established in Kormotech as a manufacturer of European-level products.