Strategic and Financial Solutions – Module for Executives

Mykhajlo Kolisnyk, Ph.D. (economics), associated professor, FINART Smart Solutions managing partner, started the module with his course Managerial Accounting. At the class, professor combined financial instruments of accounting with visionary principles, which are crucial for key executives. Participants worked with exercises, cases, built scenarios basing on games theory. The course has not finished with that as the participants should investigate ABC-costing till February, when the final session with Mykhajlo Kolisnyk will take place.

During first days, the group had a unique opportunity to have morning coffee in a company of Fr. Bohdan Prach, Ph.D, Rector, Ukrainian Catholic University, who told about strategic plans of UCU. On their side, businessmen shared their view on economic and institutional crisis in Ukraine with details and instances from their industries. As Bishop Benedict, participant of Key Executive MBA, claimed “the situation in Ukraine will change only when respect and trust command at institutions”.

On Friday, December, 12th, the participants continued the course of the Head of Advisory Board, ex-Minister of economic development and trade Pavlo Sheremeta Breakthrough Strategies. During the course, the executives interpreted their companies’ business strategies within the Blue Ocean Strategy, analyzed customers’ pain points and discussed value maps of the clients. That long day ended up with the introduction of the next discovered in Lviv ‘blue ocean’. That is on-going street-food festival and craft brewery, where the KEMBA group became the first visitors before the official opening.

On the last day, the group did not slowed down and passionately worked on business-communication with Yaryna Kliuchkovska, PR consulter, media-trainer, co-founder of Ukrainian crisis media-center. Messages, auditory, channels, executive’s part in company’s reputation are only small part of topics, covered at the class. Moreover, Yaryna made a simulation of journalist interview with participants and gave thorough feedback on it.  Development of communication skills has not finish with that and in January KEMBA group will participate in training “The Art of Presentation”.

After rich on events module, participants left  Lviv Business School till the next year and new inspirations .