Member of LvBS Advisory Board Joao Perre Viana Publishes His First Novel

Joao Perre Viana’s first great novel Rosalia de Castro: A Story That Dreams to Become a Book is now available in English at Amazon.

Joao Perre Viana Publishes His First Novel

It’s taken Joao four long years to produce his first piece of literature. The plot of the book does not contain a business component, but the way it was published is quite innovative. The author uploaded daily one chapter of the book translated into four languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, and even Ukrainian. Within three months, Rosalia de Castro got over 20,000 followers. Some of them joined the crowdfunding campaign organized by Joao and donated a total of 5,000 USD. This amount was sufficient for the first full-fledged edition of the book in Portuguese and its translation into English. You can download the book in English from Amazon.

 Joao Perre Viana Publishes His First Novel

Joao recommends reading each chapter to a specific music piece indicated in the very chapter. The idea is to make the reader identify with the emotions the author experienced in the process of writing or described in the book.

Here’s what Joao Perre Viana says about his new experience: “Telling stories it is one of the oldest ways to preserve our existence. The book “Rosalía de Castro” was an opportunity to explore deeper some fundamental questions of our life and at the same time the experiment with a different writing styles, the play with music and words, using footnotes in a different way and on top dare to risk a new business model approach to publish the final work. I had such a great experience that I will probably write and publish a new book, I am just not sure about the surprises and innovation I am going to incorporate in it.”

If your English is not good enough, you can find the first eight chapters in Ukrainian in Joao Perre Viana’s blog on WordPress.

Congrats to our lecturer and member of LvBS Advisory Board on the publication of his first book!