Lviv Business School of the UCU held a program conducted by Adrian Slywotzky in Paris

Paris became a venue for «Business Design T&T: Today and Tomorrow», Adrian Slywotzky’s first authorial program arranged by Lviv Business School. During 3 days 16 program participants underwent an intensive training, given by the leading business-futurologist in the world.

«Business Design T&T: Today and Tomorrow» covered educational domains that are relevant to shaping a comprehensive vision of one’s own company: value migration, profit models and ground-breaking business design,  brand power and demand, megatrends, business history and ethics. Working in small groups, the owners and managers of businesses analyzed business-designs of their own companies, employing best world practices, and also were the first ones to learn about new tendencies in the future.

  •  “Building the great business system is the key to win in the new environment. It has few elements:
  • great business design,
  • ambitious hassle map agenda,
  • coalition (platform and partners),
  • algorithms,
  • mission (that magnetizes the best talents).

One weak component diminishes the whole system”, – Adrian Slywotzky said on the first day of the program.

Ambitious businessmen from Ukraine, that is the program participants, attempted at envisioning the future of their companies using the examples of the most successful companies in the world. Together with world-renowned business futurologist, they arrived at a conclusion that we need to adopt the approaches and outlooks of the global leaders.

“If I work in a slow-paced environment, I slow down myself. If I work in a mobile environment, I have to keep up in order to survive” – concluded the author of the «‪‎Business Design T&T: Today and Tomorrow» program. 

 Roksoliana Voronovska, one of the program participants, shared her impressions of the course:

«Two days of intense studying felt like an hour. The great business futurist Adrian Slywotzky showed to us that it is not the companies that are competing but rather the massive coalitions and business systems they managed to create. Moreover the «big game» is happening in two parts of the world - North California and the triangle in China (Beijgin, Shanghai, Shenzen). Will Ukraine and Europe appear on the radar of blockbusters? The participants, successful business owners from Ukraine had very interesting and productive discussions during the course so we have a lot of hopes for our businesses to explode».

As a part of the program, Bishop Borys Gudziak and Adrian Slywotzky delivered their first joint lecture. The opinion leaders pondered over the topic of “Business History and Ethical Leadership”.

Adrian Slywotzky: “Simply being ethical is not enough, you have to keep in mind the notion of value migration, you have to remember about your clients and the way they change. The thing that I know for sure is that being unethical may be much more expensive. While you are thinking of the ways to outsmart everyone, you may easily overlook value migration and new opportunities”.

Bishop Borys Gudziak: “When you feel grateful, you come to realize that everything you have is a gift, so you immediately become very rich. There is something, however, that our country lacks badly: and this is ability to listen. It is not a passive assignment, but a creative skill which can change your vision, attitudes, and, consequently, the state of affairs”.