Key Executive MBA

Key Executive MBA is the most innovative, the most dynamic and the most inspiring MBA program in Ukraine!


Spring 2017


18 months


320 000 UAH
(excluding VAT)

+ 4000 EURO

For Whom

Key Executive MBA – is the program of personal and professional for business owners and managers. All participants of Key Executive MBA program have significant management experience and occupy key positions in their companies that provides a high level personal responsibility for making important business decisions. Participants of Key Executive MBA program have diverse cultural and international experience, bright leadership potential, demonstrate significant career achievements and make important contribution to the development of public society in Ukraine. Participants almost all areas of economic activity in small, medium and great business.
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  1. 16 modules
  2. work on own business project during all study period
  3. compulsory and optional subjects
  4. outbound module in Ukraine
  5. special course "Leadership in mountains" in Carpathians
  6. International study tour (flight, accommodation in a double room in a 4 * hotel included)


Basic courses of Key Executive MBA program:

Business strategy and its realization

  • breakthrough strategies
  • innovative business models (work out and implementation of strategy)
  • effective leadership
  • business as a system

Management of business systems

  • analytics for management decisions
  • management accounting
  • business communication and reputation management
  • operational management
  • marketing strategy: building a market-oriented organization
  • formation of system of staff-management

Business context

  • impact of macroeconomic on management decisions
  • philosophy of business and organizational ethics
  • business and management practice in international society (international study tour)


There are also three optional courses among 12 suggested, numerous meetings and workshops by leading practitioners and invited professors.


Admission to the program


  • managing positions at the company
  • Minimum 5 years management experience

Admission package includes:

  • Application form
  • 2 recommendation form
  • essay on the topic "The defeat is a stimulus to the following achievements" and "Values of modern business leader"
  • document copies (Ukrainian passport and international passport, identification code and a diploma of higher education)


How to choose a school for studying?

It depends on the goals set by a future participant. This may be a traditional school with a standardized instrumental approach and certification program that will give a better understanding of management tools, or this may be dynamic innovative school, which is always in search for solutions, and in which the participant is inspired for new achievements and develops the idea of existing or new business-projects. Result of training depends on the type of programs offered by the school, teaching format (full time, modular, evening), and those network contacts, which the participant is interested in expanding and developing. Choosing a business school, we encourage all potential participants to look through the schools web pages, then visit those that impressed them the most: to take part in lessons, to feel the atmosphere, chat with current participants and alumni of the program. The main thing is to remember that learning in business school is an important step in your professional life, in the future a graduate will always be associated with this school, so schools values should reflect his / her personal values.

Why you should study business in LvBS?

Education in LvBS is not just learning the business, although school programs meet international standards of business education programs and are taught by the best Ukrainian and international lecturers. It is also a special atmosphere, the possibility of cultural and spiritual enrichment, and recreation in an old European city of Ukraine.

Internationality of KEMBA program is an important added value, as it enables its students to feel the global macro environment, the main factors influencing the economic environment both globally and of each country in particular. The international component of the program includes 30% of courses taught by international teachers, and a visiting study tour to one of the Asian region countries.

What are the benefits of the MBA program offered by LvBS, compared to other business schools?

Program Key Executive MBA in LvBS has several features that distinguish it among others, namely:

  • individual, personalized approach to participants, which are offered their own development plan

according to the level of their training at the entrance;

  • emphasis on the development of entrepreneurship of both participants and businesses they represent
  • practical project training, which is to generate innovative entrepreneurial ideas, their content and implementation for learning with teachers and school team support
  • a significant international component of the program is 30% international teaching staff and international study tour
  • And, of course, comfortable learning environment and the school with a unique atmosphere!

How many students study business at your school per year?

The first set took place in three months after the opening of the school in 2008 and the first group consisted of 7 people. Nowadays the number of participants is about 20 every year. It is optimal for ensuring dynamics, for involving everyone in the learning process and for exchanging of experience, and at the same time the number of participants makes it possible to keep an individual approach to each participant. 40% of participants are company owners, while others are senior managers. The average age of participants is 35 years.

How important MBA program are for managers and business owners? What do they propose them?

MBA Programs are comprehensive graduate management programs that are intended to form the participants skills, knowledge and competencies of such a level that lets effectively manage the entire company as a system (as opposed to individual functional areas), regardless of the industry. Another issue is that the problems and challenges faced by senior management today differ significantly from those that had to be solved a decade ago.

It is insufficient to use gained previous experience of global companies, to imply management tools that led to constant positive results in previous years. Many of them stop working, meaning that while learning participants must develop solutions themselves, earn an understanding of what value of their businesses must be carried to the customer to gain their trust and loyalty. This means that the audience must be a critical mass of leaders that can offer such solutions. And a market insight and business vision will come through dynamism of programs: the ability to maximally integrate into program innovative international experience through international tours, involving to teaching people who inspire to generate breakthrough business-ideas, to solve the most pressing "live" cases.


Program Benefits

Individual approach

Study in small groups allows to reach maximum interaction with lecturer, all tasks are aimed at work with own companies

International study tour

International study tour in program to countries with dynamic development provides delve into business society, meeting social and cultural contexts and study with best lecturers

Applied project study

Participants work on own business projects during program study with opportunity to develop own start-up project or to work out and implement project of changes into existing organization

Participation in LvBS Community

Free access to dynamic business society with regular inspiring workshops and meetings

Modern campus

The study takes place in a modern housing of Ukrainian Catholic University in European Lviv

Network of LvBS Alumni

After finishing the program all the alumni join the network of Alumni of all master's programs of LvBS


Yaryna Klyuchkovska

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Nestor Komarnytsky

Key Executive MBA

Serhiy Kovela

Guest lecturer of Master's programs

Shauna Tonkin

Guest lecturer of Master's programs

Myroslav Marynovych

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Andriy Kostyuk

Lecturer of Master's programs, member of LvBS Supervisory Board

J. B. M. Kassarjian

Guest lecturer of Master's programs

Volodymyr Turchynovskyy

Lecturer of Master's programs, member of LvBS Supervisory Board

Вishop Borys Gudziak

Guest lecturer, president of the UCU

Aloys Joh. Buch

Guest lecturer of Master's programs

Andriy Rozhdestvenskyy

Lecturer of Master's programs

Valeriy Pekar

Entrepreneur, social activist, president of Euroindex

Yevhen Glibovytskyy

Managing partner of consulting company «pro.mova»

Alla Heorhiadi

Lecturer of Master's programs

Mykhaylo Wynnytsky

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Guli Bazarova

Lecturer of Master's programs

Anna Honcharyk

Lecturer of Master's programs

Adrian Slywotzky

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs, member of LvBS Advisory Board

Serhiy Lesnyak

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Maksym Savanevsky

MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Oksana Semenyuk

Co Founder and CEO at CHANGERS

Andriy Hrynchuk

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Mykhaylo Kolisnyk

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Serhiy Hvozdov

Lecturer of Master's and Executive Education programs

Contact person

Yaryna Boychuk

Academic Director, Operations Executive


The idea of “Iconart” foundation occurred during  study in LvBS, for result of the program KEMBA had to become newly embodied business project, that is not connected with the basic professional activity. I have long pondered what it could be. “Iconart” a project that opened modern Ukrainian sacred art and opened it for the world. In business-school I got tools, courage, self-awareness.

Konstiantyn Shumsky

Owner of art-gallery “Iconart”

During study at MBA in LvBS I didn’t always agree with lecturers for I considered not to do as they are teaching. Still I was not irritated with it. Conversely I am very grateful that I had an opportunity see myself over the other side and change the society. I believe this was one of the best years that I have lived and made many friends. The Business School had a great influence on me. I am really comfortable here.

Oleh Nykulyshyn

general director of Ltd. “Market universal Ltd.”
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