Ocean’s Eleven or why do you need a plan by Slywotzky

During the leading business futurologist Andrian Slywotzky’s courses at Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS), each and every group was given a task by the author: to write a list of reasons why projects fail and then to take a new project for their company and contemplate why the launch of this new project might appear unsuccessful. Such an exercise is of great practical application since it is possible to have steps and actions right at each point as well as in what way this or that risk factor may be reduced to a minimum. 


LvBS team has done this exercise not once, and recommend you do! We also recommend you watch Ocean’s 11 for the inspiration and to gain what elements are vital for success of the project. 
For what concerns the School, we have made such a list. We invite you to share your own expertise via social networks!  

Detailed plan is needed.
Project team with each of its members possessing that necessary knowledge helping all the team together to reach its aim is needed to be organised.
It is important to be prepared for somebody from the team being sceptical about an idea. 
It is crucial to persuade everyone and get everyone excited about an aim.
Before working on launching, the information should be collected.
Project requires a head.
Team should work coherently.
Back-up plan is needed for hardship may occur at the final stage. 
It is imperative a team have a person able to resolve any conflict.
Individual interests must not override.
You work on your plan and successful implementation!

A scene from Ocean’s Eleven (1960) is used for illustration purpose. Source: hauteliving.com.

Article is done by the Head of LvBS Development, Operations Executive Roksolyana Voronovska for the third issue of Insight LvBS Inside magazine. Numbers are available at LvBS events or School reception at 2a Kozelnytska St., flr. 3.