Academic Council of the КЕМВА Program Established at LvBS

13 Mar 2017

The Academic Council of the КeyЕxecutive МВА Program for businesses owners and executives was established at the UCU LvBS. The given body is to become an influential stakeholder, affecting the formation of the Program’s strategic development pathway, meeting the demands of the market, challenges of the era as well as global tendencies in business education.

Key objectives of the КЕМВА Program Academic Council:

  • Quality control and Program compliance with the challenges of today’s world;
  • Recommendations regarding the Program syllabus (courses, lecturers, any extra activities etc.);
  • Program positioning and differentiation on the business education market.

The Members of the Academic Board:

  • Мykhailo Vynnytskyi, the lecturer at LvBS, the director of the Centre for Family Business
  • Oksana Semeniuk, the со-founder and CEO at the Changers, former HR Leader at Mondelez International (Ukrainian, Russian and Eurasian cluster)
  • Andriy Kostiuk, the lecturer at the UCU and LvBS, the partner of “Pavlenko & Partners” Attorneys at Law, corporate secretary at “Galnaftogaz” OJSC (OAO)
  • Olena Vovk, CEO at “ENZYM” PJSC
  • Mykhailo Korylkevych, the member of the Supervisory Board at “The Monstera” Group of Companies
  • Andriy Vyshnevskyi, the graduate of the КЕМВА Program at LvBS, the director of “The Municipal Centre for Information Technologies” Lviv Municipal Enterprise;
  • Lev Holubets, Partner at PwC (Chicago, IL, USA).

The members of the Academic Council are appointed for the period of 3 years with the potential extension of the given term.

The activity of the Academic Council. The first meeting of the KEMBA Academic Council was held in February 2017. At the meeting, the KeyExecutive MBA team shared the results achieved in the course of 9 years since the Program launch, presented new challenges we are facing these days and discussed the Program’s development pathway within the framework of LvBS Strategies-2020 as well as the current trends of business education in Ukraine and around the world.

The Academic Council will gather for a meeting annually or semi-annually in order to discuss the most topical issues. The Program team will in advance send out all the invitations, agenda and materials required for the meeting arrangement, including the report on team performance during the previous period.

Reference data. KeyExecutive MBA at LvBS is the most innovative, dynamic and inspiring Program in Ukraine! It has specifically been elaborated for owners and executives of businesses, facilitating their personal and professional development. All the participants of КЕМВА possess considerable managerial experience and hold key executive positions at their companies which testifies to their high level of personal responsibility for making important business-related decisions. They virtually represent all the spheres of economic activity in small, medium-sized as well as big business. A new group is starting their studies on the КЕМВА Program in the autumn of 2017.