Admission 2024 to the Master’s degree program. Key dates

28 Feb 2024

We are pleased to invite you to study at the Master’s programs of the UCU Business School! Admission 2024 is open!

What should you do if you are interested in one of the Master’s programs of the UCU Business School?

  •         Register (submit an application) on our website on the page of the program you are interested in.
  •         After leaving the application, we will offer you an introductory meeting with the program manager (offline or online) in order to better understand your needs and choose the studies that will be most effective for you.
  •         Next, you will be the first to receive all the necessary information about the conditions for admission in 2024.

Choose quality business education in Ukraine!

More information about Admission 2024 to Master’s programs.

On this page, we will update the rules for admission to Master’s programs in 2024 in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

 The plan for the 2024 entrance exams for the Master’s degree in the form of a Single Entrance Exam (ЄВІ)  and a Single Professional Entrance Exam (ЄФВІ) includes the following stages:

  •         Registration for the exams is from May 7 to 29

  (registration is carried out by the admissions committee of higher education institutions)

  •         Receiving an e- invitation for the test – until June 17

(the date, time and place of the test will be indicated in the invitation)

  •         Conducting the main session of testing – June 24 – July 15
  •         Receiving information about the results of the main session – until July 20

a Single Entrance Exam (ЄВІ)   is a combination of a general academic competence test and a foreign language test.

a Single Professional Entrance Exam (ЄФВІ)  are subject tests for management and administration (management, marketing, entrepreneurship).

To prepare for these tests, we advise you to get familiar with the demonstration versions of the tests of previous years at the link.

After we receive the 2024 Admission Procedure for higher education institutions from the Ministry of Education and Culture, we expect to have more information on the possibility of admission based on internal exams at the university on the basis of a master’s/specialist diploma.

In the additional period (June 17-21), those individuals who were unable to register for the exams during the main period, will be given one more chance to take a Single Entrance Exam (ЄВІ) and a Single Professional Entrance Exam (ЄФВІ).

And a link to the official website, where there is more info about all these periods: