Remember – the more you invest in your people, the more you will receive

26 Jun 2013

A special event was organized by the program MS in Technology Management in Lviv Business School on 21st of June with special guest speakers – Vsevolod Onyshkevych and Andriy Hankevych, who are known experts in the field of technology, management and start-ups. In this review you will find the brightest thoughts from master-class: «Company growth strategy: from small team to mid-size IT-company».

Master-class gave strategic perspective of what it takes to «scale» a technology start-up from inception to the next level – from entrepreneurial chaos to creating structure. It also included a practical view by two entrepreneurs, who built companies from 0 to over $100 million in revenues, while having over 1000 employees.

Experts explained the main reasons and main barriers of growth. As speakers stated, main asset you have is your people. «Always remember – the more you invest in your people, the more you will receive. Do not be afraid that most ambitious will leave your company to start their own start-up, because some of them will, and you should accept that and help them pack», – says Andriy Hankevych, Lviv IT-BPO Cluster Supervisory Board Chairman. But employees in company should not be counted by quantity, but by quality. «Of course, you can put one hundred developers, like one hundred cats in one room. But they will be nothing without good technical leadership», – experts shared their experience – «And that was one of the problems we faced in our companies – finding good technical management».

 «MS in Technology Management, which is being developed here in LvBS, is an ideal platform to deliver such management to the companies in Ukraine as well as in Eastern Europe», – entrepreneurs commented on the value of MS in Technology Management – new program of Lviv Business School.

«Master’s in Technology Management is a popular degree in USA, I believe it is the first in Ukraine and even in Eastern Europe, that breeds the next generation of chief information and technology officers, who understand both technology and strategy», – stated Sev Onyshkevych.

Experts finished their inspirational master-class with introducing the secret of five key strategies to high growth:

  • Take on the world (embrace the potential of selling beyond your borders);
  • Show transparency (communicate clearly, openly and consistently with your employees — they’ll adopt a winning mentality);
  • Become a skills factory (focus on staff training to make every employee a first-line player);
  • Cultivate resilience (keep a sharp eye on trends and be ready to leap from fading to growing markets);
  • Build with big in mind (structure your business to be more efficient today and scalable tomorrow).

We thank participants and experts for active and inspiring master-class!
We also invite you to check the video from master-class: