Lviv IT Arena conference: 3 days of technologies, trends and knowledge

On 2-4 October in Lviv on “Arena Lviv” stadium there was a real celebration of modern technology and the world’s leading IT industry trends – conference Lviv IT Arena.

The event attracted over 800 participants from Ukraine and all over the world, allowing the conference to confirm the claimed status of the largest IT event of Western Ukraine. Lviv IT Arena was held for the first time, but its success has shown that from now on it will become an annual conference.

Conference was attended by IT specialists of all directions (programmers, designers, testers, etc.), corporate executives, creators of young startup projects, students, and representatives of other sectors who are interested in the IT industry and understand the importance of information technology in different business sectors.

Focus of all of the 11 sections of the conference – Startup, Management as fun, Value Management and Business Analysis, QA, Google Development, Mobile, User Experience, IT Outsourcing, Data Science, Information Security and Game Development – was aimed at the main trends of the IT industry, recognized by Ukraine and the world today. In particular, fascinating report of Valeryy Pekar at the opening of the conference was devoted to trends.

Lviv Business School and MS in Technology Management was responsible for Management as Fun section. Participants of this section were the most interested in performances, during which speakers described the practical cases and gave advice that can be used in professional activities. Modern IT managers are interested in developing personal qualities that allow to manage and organize other people based on shared values, content and objectives of the project, using a game approach to management. The audience listened attentively to Lviv speakers Olia Moroz, Andrii Mudryi, Natalka Shpot, actively interacted with Andrii Nikolov, Sophia Opatska and Anna Podhorna. 

Main organizer – Lviv IT-BPO Cluster

Co-organizers – Lviv Business School (LvBS), Eleks, Testers.Lviv.UA, GDG Lviv, Lviv Business Incubator Startup Depot, WISC, Lviv School of Project Management, Lviv City Council.

General partner – SoftServe, Turkish Airlines, TeslaClub Ukraine

Gold partner – Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company,«Ukrtelekom», Data Art, Оптіма Плаза, Noosphere

Silverpartners– Qubstudio, GlobalLogic, DalivSoft Inc, Квитковий сервіс Gastroli.UA, Місцевий економічний розвиток, ELMOB.CO, Інтергал-Буд, NATEK Poland, Teleportus, REGA.

Hospitable partners – Leopolis, Citadell Inn, Nota Bene, Панська гора

General media partner — DOU

Exclusive TV and Radio partner – Радіо 24 та Телеканал новин 24

Main business media partner –

Mediapartners: EBA, Bionic Hill, Bionic University, IT Expert, INVenture, Brainberry Global,,, Betaplace, GTF, Geeks Lab, Highload Dev Conf, AgileBaseCamp, IT Ukraine, WannaBiz, Bitcoin Conference Kiev, Brain Basket Foundation, ITVDN, ITEM, PM Forum, Spider Ukraine, IT Rally, IT Weekend, Львівська газета, Postpaper, Электронный документооборот и ИТ для бизнеса, Lviv Online,, Сайт міста Рівне 0362, Career4it.