LvBS Becomes Member of International Association BMDA

24 Jul 2013

The Lviv Business School of UCU has become a member of the Baltic Management Development Association, and thus has joined the global network of educational institutions.

The Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) was established in 2002 with the support of universities, business schools, individual professors, and business professionals from the Baltic States. The aim of the BMDA is to create a regional management development network.

“For our clients, this is another signal that LvBS strives to be better and more international,” says the head of Lviv Business School  of UCU, Sophia Opatska. “The BMDA is a very effective organization. We have known many members of the association for a long time and know that we can actively learn from each other. Just as a business needs a platform where it can develop and train its employees, a business school needs a platform to train its administrative and teaching staff, and the BMDA will be another place for us develop our network.”

The BMDA’s motto is “Bridging East and West.” By establishing a virtual bridge between the business schools of the East and the West and using a high-quality approach in its cooperation with various institutions, the BMDA provides a unique opportunity for all participants to share their experiences in transformation, rapid growth, and managing organizations.

From the beginning, the association has been working to improve the quality of management development in the Baltic region and beyond by promoting research and offering educational services and networking opportunities for management development institutions and commercial enterprises.

Currently, the BMDA unites more than 65 members from 23 countries – Austria, Belgium, Croatia, of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the United States.