LvBS becomes a partner of the biggest education project in Rivne region

The Lviv Business School has become a partner of Smart Meetings, the biggest education project in the Rivne region. Smart Meetings brings together active youth with the art, social, and business-elite spheres of the region and Ukraine.

Smart Meetings held a meeting with Yuriy Holovay, CEO of Skloresurs and LvBS Key Executive MBA graduate, on December 23. The participants discussed strategy, leadership, and business prospects in the Rivne region for the next 5-6 years.

Yuriy Holovay’s key statements at the Smart Meetings meeting:

– The philosophy and values of the leader are more important than the business idea itself
– People are valuable, not official instructions
– World niche specialization is much more important than “pantophagy”
– Technological doctrines don’t work, jokes and parables do
– When you live your business idea, believe in it, convince your relatives, friends, and passers-by to believe in it as you do, then it will be successful for sure

 “It is very important in business to be sure in your decisions. The Key Executive МВА program at the Lviv Business School didn’t improve my intuition but it helped me understand why I chose this direction. And that is very important in business,” concluded CEO of Skloresurs Yuriy Holovay.