Lviv Business School of UCU Creates LvBS Investment Lab Club

17 Aug 2018

Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) creates LvBS Investment Lab Club. The project was initiated by the participants of the MSc in Innovations and Entrepreneurship LvBS Master’s Program in order to create a new platform for Ukrainian economists/financiers in Lviv, which in the future is intended to lead the qualitative changes in the country and help it to integrate into the global financial system.

The mission of LvBS Investment Lab is the creation of a platform for professional growth of people interested in finances and investments in Lviv Business School of UCU and the Ukrainian Catholic University. Also, its goal is the development of financial literacy in Lviv and Ukraine, as well as the involvement into the community of professionals from the world of finance and their communication with LvBS participants.

The activity of LvBS Investment Lab includes holding club members’ monthly meetings, panel discussions with invited Ukrainian and foreign speakers four times a year, and creating the club’s financial newsletter, which will cover the overview of markets, Ukrainian economy and investment ideas.

On the basis of LvBS Investment Lab, an investment committee will be set up to make decisions on maintaining the club’s training investment portfolio. An opening of a trading-laboratory with the involvement of leading financial data providers for conducting training courses and academic research in the field of finance and investment is also planned. The club members will take part in competitions such as the CFA Challenge and other student financial contests. LvBS Investment Lab has its academic leader, one of the LvBS teachers. Among the members of the club, the president and two vice-presidents are elected. Membership of the club is formed from the participants of the LvBS master programs and undergraduate programs of the UCU.

On September 14, 2018, the first panel discussion of LvBS Investment Lab will be held on the subject of Global Economic Outlook and Fintech Perspectives. We will provide you with more details about the event and speakers later, follow our publications.

Contact person for membership in LvBS Investment Lab: Vice President of Communications Nazar Kosendiak