Marketing and PR – new competencies for UCU students

The second semester of a course in additional competencies, organized by the Lviv Business School (LvBS), for UCU students ended. This semester the participants studied Marketing and PR.

The course consisted of 12 classes on marketing, among them: Strategy of price setting; Research in marketing; Segmentation; ATL and media planning; PR instruments; Internet marketing, and so on.

The course was given by Olha Kaminska, a marketing specialist with 20 years of experience.  Already in the first class she noted that the course would be based on practical and not on theoretical foundations.  She justified her choice by the fact that at the present stage, it is much more important to be able to use the instruments of marketing to achieve set goals rather than simply knowing the theoretical basis of the functioning of the market. Then, each session had an examination of cases of realistic companies and their decisions, according to the topics of study.

“I wanted the students to have the possibility of expressing activity, innovations, so that they would perceive that it is necessary to move ahead.  One cannot sit back and expect something,” said Olha Kaminska. “Regardless of whether the company has a marketing specialist or not, if it wants to survive on the competitive market, then it has to be market-oriented.”

At the end of the course each participant prepared their own marketing plan. Given the fact that some students already had some business ideas, for them it was not only an opportunity to utilize the gained knowledge and practice their skills, but also to receive certain recommendations (and in some cases even concrete solutions) as to their realization.

“In business it is acceptable to consider that only marketing and innovations bring profits, all else are expenses – commented the Dean of LvBS, Sophia Opatska.  We understand that Ukrainian business needs to become more interesting on the global market and thereby, interest in innovations will grow. Therefore, both the employees as well as the entrepreneurs should possess new current knowledge and instruments.  An understanding of how marketing works, how to properly implement PR instruments are very important skills which are needed both in finding a position as well as in beginning one’s own project.”

The course concluded ended with a meeting with practicing marketing specialists who work in various fields. Together with the students they discussed the characteristics and specificities of the area of marketing depending on the stated goals, circumstances, and other elements, on the basis of concrete examples.

Students participating in a course on additional competencies examine the possibilities of broadening their own work potential, and therefore the possibility for a wider choice of a future profession.

 “I am happy to utilize any possibilities which UCU offers in order to broaden my own vision, ability and competencies. This course was useful for me because I chose two more directions in which I could be occupied,” stated a 4th year student majoring in Social Pedagogy, Khrystyna Rud.

Together with the students, the staff of UCU also had the opportunity to improve their knowledge on marketing. One of them, Rostyslav Puzhakovsky, Department of Information, says that for him it was important to understand more structurally and deeper the instruments of marketing, how “the whole picture” works in this process, and what new ideas could be realized in one’s work processes.

The program participants of additional competencies at the presentation of diplomas, together with their teachers and guest lecturers.

We note that the course Marketing and PR was already the second one in the projects of additional competencies developed by LvBS for UCU students. Last semester the course offered was Psychology of marketing and leadership.

The courses started on March 14th and lasted until the end of May. Classes were held on Friday and on Saturday twice a month. Such a schedule fitted well into the schedule of the basic curriculum.