Former Vice Chancellor of Austria on Events in Ukraine: International Organizations No Longer Perform Their Duties

15 Sep 2014

“European integration was a peace project for all Europeans. Until now. Judging by all the events that happen in Ukraine, Crimea, the story of integration is either over or interrupted. But I am very pessimistic. It is high time for politicians to become realistic. Clashes happen all over the world and global organizations don’t do their job any more,” famous Austrian politician and former vice chancellor of Austria Erhard Busek (1991-1995) said about the events in Ukraine.

During a meeting with representatives of business and civil society activists, the politician commented on the fact that EU members states know very little about each other: “We generally know little about their neighbors: what is their historical past, what is the difference between us, what we have in common. We need to learn the history of our neighbors. In Europe we have a close relationship, but we do not exchange enough information,” said Erhard Busek.

He repeatedly stressed that we must always prepare for the worst, especially Ukraine: “I think Ukraine will be stronger if you improve for yourself internally. That is the most important battle and job you have to do now. Also Ukrainians should tell more to the world about what is happening.”

Erhard Busek also said: “What is happening in Eastern Ukraine is understood in Europe as a European problem, not just a Ukrainian problem. Thanks to Vladimir Putin Europeans started to make decisions. Finally!”