Mychailo Wynnyckyj: The sale starts when you hear the word “no”

25 Jul 2016

What is important to be able to manage effectively the sale? How the seller may become a “trusted person” for the buyer and make him come back again and again? We offer very important and effective ideas and tips from Mychailo Wynnyckyj, teacher of Lviv Business School of UCU that he said during the educational program “Sales Management“.

The sale is the communication; this is the story. We remember stories, we remember the tales. While communication create a legend, they are easier to pass. Do not try to tell the facts. Less is always better.

Rational motives for the purchase:

  • income
  • savings
  • effectiveness
  • performance
  • reliability
  • safety

But there are also emotions. The unique things that we can do for the needs of the particular client are the emotional motive that generates the desire of the seller to buy from you.

If you want me to come to you, create the wow effect for me. Is not about how to satisfy me. Surprise me! Exceed my expectations. Because usually people buy emotionally, not rationally.

Obviously, presentation skills are important for the seller. The words are important to 7%, body language to 55%, all the rest is the intonation. So the way you talk is much more important than what you say. That tone at which you speak is often much more important than your knowledge of a foreign language you speak with the client.

Use the pause. They are extremely strong element of the negotiations.

Skills of a good salesperson are the scout skills. Sellers must be able not only to talk, but also to listen and watch. To understand a lot, we must learn to contemplate.

The sale starts when you hear the word no. Often, buyers will get a lot of information from the seller, and this may have a negative result. After all, the aim of the sale is to learn more about the buyer and its needs.

Good seller puts a diagnosis, listen, speaks a little, he is characterized with empathy, he is credible. All of this can be obtained only when you are honest. The honesty gives the trust a lot more than just a statement of how cool we are.

The sky high sale is when your seller becomes “trustee” for the client. How to check that? Clients come back and recommend you to the other. For me, the test of credibility is how often people come to me for the advice, which is not my business. Therefore, it will be very helpful to find opportunities for the informal communication with the client.

Information: Mychailo Wynnyckyj, Ph.D., teacher in Lviv business school of UCU. He received PhD in Economic Sociology in 2003, with a dissertation on “Entrepreneurship in post-Soviet Ukraine” in Cambridge University (UK). Before that he worked for 7 years as a vice-president on sales and marketing in Lava Computer Mfg Inc. in Toronto, Canada. Under his leadership, the company significantly increased and extended its activities throughout North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Since 2003, Mychailo Wynnyckyj resides in Ukraine. Among his projects are – the establishment of the 2005 Presidential MBA programs (for owners) at kmbs; 2008 – the foundation of the first in Ukraine Doctoral School in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (division of the University, where the European model of training young researchers-graduate/doctoral candidates was introduced); 2013 – foundation of the corporate university of the company “Winner” (car importer). The last 8 years, Mychailo also teaches in the Department of Sociology of NaUKMA, engaged in consulting in the field of management of sale; he teaches at Lviv Business School of UCU.