Why to Study Human Resources

Anna Lewis, MSc (BPsychol) MCIPD, faculty in LvBS about HR function in the organisation and key factor in gaining a competitive edge.

In the past, organisational Personnel departments were treated as an administration function to ensure that personnel records were securely stored and kept. But this perception of today’s Human Resources function is fading. Although the administrative part is still there, the HR function in the organisation is now extended beyond operational, to the strategic Board level in major global organisations. Nowadays, it comprises a vast scope of many specialisms within its function, such as Talent Management, Employee/Labour Relations, Compensation and Benefit Systems, Health and Safety or Learning and Development to name but a few.

There are many advanced technologies which each organisation can obtain, but what differentiates successful organisations is their ability to bring the best out of the Human Capital – their people. Understanding of how most effectively manage human competence in the workplace is of great importance and value. This is where a professionally managed Human Resources function can make a difference.

In a contemporary business context, the role of HR is to support organisations in building sustainable business success and shape organisational culture of employee engagement – a key factor in gaining a competitive edge.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook published in the UK, projects the fastest occupational growth in Human resources function in the next 10 years. The sign that HR is becoming a sought after profession.

HR requires the knowledge of theory and research. It draws on and uses different approaches and disciplines. HR professionals’ comprehensive knowledge helps to develop our understanding of people’s behaviour at work, how this might be influenced and what might limit effective employee behaviours. The core disciplines include psychology, sociology and economics. Without HR qualifications which comprise the essence of the discipline and equip us with a structured knowledge of organisational peoples’ context,  it is hard to make a mark as an equal partner in business and embark on a successful HR career in a contemporary business world.

Why to Study in LVBS?

Lviv Business School is a dynamic and progressive business school offering education to professionals who want to make a difference. Its educational offer draws on local and international experts’ knowledge and experience. A skilful combination of most relevant theories and their practical application shared by practitioners allows students to learn of what is important in an effective way.  During the studies, the LVBS also provides plenty of opportunities to share practical solutions amongst students and experts. Practical sessions and talks are provided through additional short sessions such as Master classes, or learning breakfasts. The LVBS offers state of the art modern school programmes and facilities located in beautiful Lviv!

In September 2014 the Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) will offer a unique for Ukraine MA in Human Resources and Organizational Development. This program is another embodiment of the school’s principle “Growing the Company by Growing People.” The program is in line with best programs from leading European business schools. The teaching staff will include foreign and Ukrainian lecturers who have a solid knowledge base and practical experience in business. This allows participants to gain knowledge in the best current practices in human resources management and organizational development. Each participant through the implementation of a real project will test the gained knowledge in practice.