One of the Best HR Directors of Ukraine Met with LvBS Community

22 Nov 2013

In the Lviv Business School of UCU, the LvBS Community met with one of the best HR directors Ukraine, Oksana Semeniuk. On November 20, community members spoke with Oksana on how to move from a system company to a company with elements of a start-up in the organizational culture.

Oksana Semeniuk is the HR director of Mondelēz International for Ukraine, Belarus , Moldova, the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Mondelēz International is one of the biggest food companies in the world, which is now in the process of rebranding and major changes.

The HR expert told members of the community about the culture and values ​​of her company: “The most important thing for a company is its defined system of values. If you do not say what you believe in as an organization, then it will be very difficult for employees and partners to work with you.” She also shared her secrets on how she manages to inspire employees and what non-financial tools can be used for motivation.

At Mondelēz International the active involvement of the staff is at 60%, which is very high. Oksana Semeniuk shared with the LvBS Community practical tools for reaching these results in their companies.


“While many companies are making the processes more complicated, Mondelēz International is trying to simplify them, and it is sometimes more difficult. However, there is an art in its simplification,” summed up the director of LvBS, Sophia Opatska.