LvBS launches Program for IT-professionals

The Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) is the first educational institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to introduce a curriculum that combines technology and business education.

 The MS in Technology Management is a partnership project that LvBS implements together with the Lviv IT-BPO Cluster. The inauguration of the program was held on October 23. Twenty-five participants – managers of IT companies – started the program in technology management.

Professor Karl Zeininger, President and CEO of Siemens Corporate Research, member of the LvBS Advisory Board, welcoming the participants with the help of Cisco TelePresence, said: “Technology continues to change the world and improve the quality of life for many people. However, consumers usually see the final product, behind which is development, growth, and hard work. In fact, the goal of managers is to understand how technology and innovation bring value to consumers and businesses.”

Karl Zaininger wished the participants to learn to become creative managers and developers, which the IT-sector now needs in order to compete in the IT market with world-class companies.

The main speaker on at the inauguration was Bernhard Katzy, professor at the Leiden University (Netherlands), founder and director of the Center for Technology and Innovation Management (CeTIM), who currently also teaches course “Emerging Technologies” at the first module of the program. “The combination of technology and management is very important for society and business,” said the professor. “Because if you are just developers, you do not always know what the consumer needs. On the other hand, if the public does not know what the developers are doing, their interests may not overlap, and therefore no value is created. The program in technology management is a way to create communication links between the two – the developers and the community.”

The curriculum of the MS in Technology Management is based on three pillars – technology, business and management, soft skills. Participants will learn IT concepts and strategy, architecture and development of IT solutions, business communications, technology management, finance and business decision-making, management, and leadership. The language of the Program is exceptionally English.

According to Vsevolod Onyshkevych, a entrepreneur with experience founding many companies, technology is fundamentally important for the future success of Ukraine. “MS in Technology Management is a combination of technology, knowledge of business processes, strategy development. I believe that here study future leaders who will work in the most important segment of the Ukrainian economy.”