Honoring the life of the deceased Hero Oleg Vorobyov

29 Jun 2022

Yesterday, on June 28, we said goodbye to the Hero, the defender of Ukraine — Oleg Vorobyov, who died on May 30, 2022 for our freedom and independence of Ukraine in the war with the Russian occupier. Oleg had participated in the MSc in Technology Management master’s program at the UCU Business School.

«I trust God, and I know that His plan is best for me, but at the same time, it is very emotionally difficult. Can God save us? Then it will be a real miracle. And such miracles have been with me several times during this time here. But I know that earthly life is not the highest goal for a Christian. So, if Eternal Life must go through all of this and, perhaps, even I will die, then I think His plan is good for me,» Oleg Vorobyov wrote to his friend 5 days before his death.

Oleg had participated in the MSc in Technology Management master’s program at the UCU Business School. He was a senior lieutenant, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. Oleg was a participant in the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Together with his wife Olha Vorobyova, with whom he raised two children, he founded a project of psychological support for the families of the participants of the anti-terrorist operation «Happy Together». We said goodbye to the Hero on a symbolic day, when Ukraine has national Constitution Day.

Olga Vorobyova, Oleg’s wife, recalls: «If you only knew how happy Oleg was when he started studying at UCU Business School, how he waited for each module! Oleg came back from the LvBS with great enthusiasm and new ideas every time. We discussed with him what was on each module. He told me about cases, showed videos, and had many ideas about applying new knowledge. Over the time, I began to think I was halfway studying at business school. Sometimes we could discuss ideas at midnight, draw plans for the future… But the war in Ukraine had started…»

Khrystyna Dolna, COO of LvBS, also shares her memory of Oleg:

«Oleg was a person who has accumulated so much knowledge, experience, and meaning and who gladly shared it. He always had lots of questions during the lectures, which pushed everyone nearby to the “deep water of the knowledge”. I am happy to have had the opportunity to know Oleg in my life. And I want to carry these warm memories and gratitude further».

Eternal glory and memory to the Hero!

At the initiative of UCU Business School and the family of Hero Oleg Vorobyov, the Ukrainian Catholic University is opening a nominal scholarship fund in honor of Hero Oleg Vorobyov. You can make your donation by following the link: https://lvbs.top/mk1

Photo: Bohdan Yemets

Source of Oleg’s quote: Lilia Hutsol