What business can do? Five arguments by Serhiy Gusovskyy

Serhiy Gusovskyy is a famous restaurateur, businessman, who decided to join politics in order to  implement real transformations in Ukraine. He is a Kyiv City Hall deputy since 2014. Serhiy was a guest speaker at the opening of the new Key Executive MBA group.  He believes that there is no time for disappointment. Thus he urges Ukrainian businessmen to enter politics since he is certain that revival of Ukraine will begin in cities. “Local status-quo will change thanks to all the engaged and concerned”, he claims. 

LvBS presents several arguments from the discussion meeting Business for Ukraine: Who if not Us, which was held on October, 15th at Lviv Business School.

– Businessmen should invest in policy-making: businessmen should either join the politics, or support parties or NGOs, which provides real changes.
– All of you as entrepreneurs can help right away by offering assistance of your qualified lawyers and project managers to officials.
– It is hard to corrupt or to bully businessmen in politics because of Maidan.
– Why we should support new political forces? Because the old ones are ruled by oligarchs.
– System does not work. It cannot be repaired, it only could be replaced. Society used to be infantile. “We elected them – let them do their job”. However, only by common effort, we can implement real change. If we love this country, we should work really hard!


Serhiy Gusovskyy

Famous restaurateur (Pantagruel, Napule, Biancoro, O’café), Kyiv City Hall deputy, Head of Samopomich fraction.  

He graduated from Kyiv Higher Military Air Force Engineer College and from Moscow State University. After moving back to Kyiv, Serhiy was occupied with satellite communication system Inmarstat. During 1995-2001, he was involved in investment and development. He became a co-founder of an osteria Pantagruel in 1995. Since 2001, Serhiy manages the Gusovskyy Restaurants network. Apart from that, he is a co-owner of Myronova and Gusovskyy gallery.

Serhiy was elected as a Kyiv City Hall deputyfrom Samopomich in 2014. As a deputy, he initiated a project on support of Kyivans, who participated at ATO.