Strategies and Leadership Studied at the 1st Module of Management for Leaders Program

Lviv Business school of the UCU started the four module program for managers ‘Management for Leaders’. Module One (February, 4-6) offered to participants a course in Strategies and Leadership. Participants worked together with Pavlo Sheremeta, director of the UCU School of Public Management, to shape development strategies for their organizations.

 Pavlo Sheremeta, LvBS

Wish for more but be prepared to manage the more. Remember a Chinese proverb: Fast is slow but its everyday. In fact we manage not the time but energy,Pavlo Sheremeta stresses.

Also, during the first module participants were looking for inspiration at the business breakfasts within the program. Thus, on February, 5, they met His Grace Borys Gudzyak, president of the Ukrainian Catholic University, the Eparch of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Paris: To listen to another person does not merely mean hearing sounds but also see this, feel your fellowman, and trust him. Pay attention to the type of communication between you and your subordinates. Can they hear you? Can you hear them? When people in your companies get to feel you are listening to them and love them they will do everything for you. Trust that comes through listening can make big things, His Grace believes.

 Bishop Borys Gudziak

The participants also had a unique opportunity to talk to Yevhen Utkin, IT businessman with 20 years of experience who has for 18 months been providing assistance to the Ukrainian Army in terms of IT. Yevhen Utkin believes it is impossible to copy the success of a certain company but mistakes are similar with all organizations. ‘The goal of any business is not only about making money. The goal shall be to make dreams come true, to implement plans, to do some good things,’ the entrepreneur believes. He also encouraged leaders to go ad fontes. ‘Remember, when you go to your beginnings it means you go against the stream. It might even indicate you are going the right way. Cherish your victories, both big and small.’

 Eugen Utkin, LvBS

We wish to participants good luck in developing their effective strategies. See you on the next module!