The Life in the Antarctic and the Recollects with Bishop Benedict: Intensive Modules of the Master’s Programs at LvBS

27 Mar 2017

Get out of your shell and you will learn that the world is a perishable product, thus make use of it reasonably. This is one of the values we learned from the recollects held within the last module of the KeyExecutive MBA. Altogether, besides real-life cases the participants of the given program as well as the MAHROD Program had a chance to listen to a well-known polar explorer Ihor Dykyi, who inspired them with his speech on leadership and the life in the Antarctic.


«Within a team everything is leaning on three pillars: mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual assistance,» – argued Ihor Dykyi, delivering a speech to the participants of the Master’s Programs at the UCU Lviv Business School. His true story about the survival in the Antarctic, about the value of a team and the relationships between its members sparked considerable interest.

Already the next day the intensity of the module was eased by the recollects with Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk) of Lviv Archeparchy of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. During the recollects, in the meeting with the participants of 14-15 groups of the KEMBA Program, His Reverence pointed out: «Our life is full of constant meetings. They are extremely important since each of us lives in his own world which can be compared with a shell allowing us observe the world from a small window of our own. But with each and every new meeting we gain some new experience. The world, the environment, and the people – everything is changeable, therefore the Church is called to perceive and respond to these changes».


«It was really inspiring. Moreover, we all understand that we’re not able to predict everything and in some cases what we are left with is only the faith which is driving us ahead», – shared his impressions of the recollects Vadym Zotov, Delivery Manager at Sphere Consulting, the participant of the KEMBA Program.

«On that day it was just pure luck for us to listen to the Bishop. A few of us can boast of an opportunity to have had an individual audience with him. It was definitely beneficial for each and every participant, even if not all of us realized that during the very meeting,» – added Halyna Andrushkiv, CEO of ACH Nistrom Ukraine, textile machinery trading company. «The meeting with His Reverence can be compared with a bright lens, since it transformed the lives of all its participants. Eternity was not the topic of our discussion, but we were expanding on the modern times, the value of an individual who is right in front of you».


These recollects in a way broke the monotony of an intensive module saturated with such topics as «Macroeconomics for Business» and «Doing Business: International Legal Aspects». Apart from the recollects and inspiring meetings, in the space of just few days of the module, the participants were also taken on the author’s excursion to the «Lvivarnia» museum-type cultural complex and had a chance to listen to the concert of the «INSO-Lviv» symphony orchestra with Simin Trpcheski (Macedonia) at the Lviv Philharmonic Hall.