LvBS Participants and Graduates to Go to Norway for Internship

Lviv Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in partnership with the Norwegian University NTNU and Innoco company with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs set up a new innovative education project.

The project consists of two parts. As early as June, the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv will run a practical interdisciplinary course “Experts in Team” developed by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The latter launched this course 10 years ago and is now disseminating it to other Nordic universities. This year the course has made it to Ukraine. It is aimed at developing skills in interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation. In February, LvBS representatives will do the course “Experts in Team” in Norway, adapt it to Ukrainian realities and then introduce it at UCU.

The second part of the project entitled “Innovations across Border” will start in the summer of 2015. “Through a competitive process we will select 25 students of LvBS Master’s Level programs to go to Norway for a week-long internship after 3 workshops in Ukraine. They will visit innovation companies, governmental entities, universities and municipalities. Each participant will get to pick those companies or governmental organizations that will help them best implement their own projects back at the business school or provide them with the experience that will be of value for their work, for example in civil service,” says Halyna Onyshko, project leader from LvBS.  

How to apply for the project “Innovations across Border”?

“If you want to become more effective and perform better in your business/ at work, you must innovate. Participants of the internship in Norway will get exposed to effective governance and management first-hand. One of Ukraine’s major problems is corruption. By introducing innovations both in business and public administration, Ukraine might be able to eradicate this bribing culture. The internship in Norway is an opportunity for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and civil servants to see doing old things in new ways and understand how they can translate the Norwegian experience into specific solutions for their business etc.,” Sjur Dagestad, professor at NTNU and co-founder of Innoco, remarked during his visit to LvBS.

It is noteworthy that eligible applicants for the project “Innovations across Border” include graduates and participants of the following programs: MS in Innovations and EntrepreneurshipMS in Technology Management, MA in Human Resources and Good Governance.

In February, the Academic Council of project leaders from Lviv Business School, NTNU and Innoco will convene in Lviv.

How to apply for the project “Innovations across Border”?