Human Resource Management in Small Business

The participants of the programme for EffectiveManagement of SmallBusiness had another meeting at Lviv Business School of UCU. This time, they met to learn how to manage their human resources in a more effective way. The third module on “Human Resource Management in Small Business” took place on April 16 and 17.

During the two days, the participants, with the help of  Olha Sadokha  discussed theoretical aspects of personnel management and received practical experience. During the module, they analyzed the issues of strategy in personnel management, aspects of creating a team and keeping the staff, education and development of employees. The participants also learned more about such concepts as motivation, stimulation and productivity management of employees.

SofiaOpatska (CEO of Lviv Business School of UCU) and Svitlana Lukasevych (head of department for HR interaction at Kyivstar compamy) held two master classes on topical issues of HR management.

Global trends that have their effect on HR, values of generations and changing training model were covered by Sofia Opatska: “I believe, today is an employee era, not an employer era. Remember, today, people have different needs and expectations. They wish to work in a creative setting, they are searching for new experience and want to work in a team of interesting people.”

“Every person is willing to do important things. Everyone wishes to be useful for somebody or something. On the other hand, every person has his or her own feeling of things. Everyone has a different vision on how things should be done. The problem is how to make the person switch on this feeling.” – Svitlana Lukasevych told during her master class on “Personnel Involvement – How Important It Is and Can We Influence It?”.

Thank you to participants and lecturers for an interesting and informative module!