How Key Executive MBA Brings Together Advanced Companies to Share Experience

20 Sep 2018

What interests have and what business ideas realize Key Executive MBA graduates of Lviv Business School of UCU just a few years after graduation? We collect the stories and achievements of our MBA during the meetings within the Association of Alumni LvBS.


Graduates of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) easily find experts at the Alumni LvBS Association to share their experiences, personal achievements and ideas. A friendly meeting was organized by the graduates of the Key Executive MBA of the UCU Lviv Business School Yuriy Samets (Sambai Sewing Production) and Iryna Dmyterko (MRIYA Agro Holding). Molokija Dairy Factory and Podrozhnyk Pharmacy chain were invited to the discussion. Financial managers and business owners were talking about the success within the walls of MRIYA Agro Holding.

The participants presented their companies, development strategies and product segments. In detail, they focused on discussing the current issue, namely managing information and financial flows.

Serhiy Ovsyanyi, Financial Controller of MRIYA Agro Holding, told about the company’s life, in particular about its structure, activities, and the operating cycle. He introduced the guests of the event to corporate values and the mission of the company. One of the values of Agro Holding is openness, which is realized in all structures of MRIYA. Serhiy emphasized that it is especially important to fully respect this value in the financial plane: “The company stands for transparent and open activity. All financial and operating indicators are published on the Agro Holding website and are regularly updated. This allows us to openly operate and be a reliable partner. 2018 is a strategic year in the process of implementing electronic document management. Such innovations will help us avoid secondary interference or corrections in the content of documents, and will become a tool for implementing responsibility, the company’s next value,” said Serhiy Ovsyanyi.
Head of IT department Andriy Chepiha told about innovations and IT achievements of MRIYA. The technologies that have been implemented in production processes in recent years have allowed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire MRIYA team’s work.
“Our own development is the Agronomist Tablet. The gadget is connected to a single data system, it operates offline and allows the agronomists of Agro Holding to quickly receive, enter information and monitor the state of the fields.”

 Molokija Company also shared the secrets of a successful business.  The marketer of the company described the strategy of “fresh milk” and presented a segment of products. “Molokija Company has been showing love for millions of Ukrainian families for about 20 years, producing healthy dairy products from natural fresh milk. We have something to be proud of, because our progress and the result we have achieved now is a great success. We do not stand still but we continue to work on all processes of production, so that the product that the consumer gets is really high-quality,” said Oksana Velychko.  




Owners of the company “Sambay” Ltd. talked about the work and achievements of the team throughout three years of its functioning and shared the impressions of the meeting.” Our sewing production is based on the desire to create really good and quality products. The basis of the company is our people who actually create quality goods. We are a fairly young enterprise, but we strive to develop, create and, of course, to conquer new markets. Such meetings as we have today are, above all, an opportunity to gain valuable experience. External communication lets you tell the world about yourself and share experiences. Listening to practical cases of advanced companies on improving technologies, processes and systems is inspiring and allows us to implement the knowledge gained in our work,” said Yuriy Samets, Head of Sambai Ltd. and a graduate of the Key Executive MBA Program at Lviv Business School of UCU.

A pharmacy chain Podrozhnyk joined the friendly business meeting. They are convinced that the exchange of experience between companies enables companies operating in various spheres to improve their business processes, obtain information on the work of various tools, including in the field of finance and accounting. Such meetings provide an opportunity to understand what it would be useful to change or optimize in the future. Podorozhnyk team’s speed of decision-making and their desire to be the best is fascinating, as already today they started the processes of improvement, taking into account the experience gained at the meeting. In Ukraine, due to competition and business features, many companies are not ready for such meetings. However, according to Andriy Matkivsky, Financial Director at Podorozhnyk pharmacy chain, the willingness to share knowledge with companies that do not compete with each other is a reflection of a strong, open and efficient business.


After discussing and presenting the companies, a cognitive surprise awaited the participants of the meeting – a trip to Molokija dairy factory.  The guests of the event had an opportunity not only to hear about but to see the declared quality control standards, the system of economical production, and most importantly – people who love their work and create the true “Fresh milk” from Molokija.

According to the co-organizer of the event Iryna Dmyterko, Deputy Financial Director of MRIYA Agro Holding, such meetings are a lively communication, which enables the participants to share valuable experience and work on the developments of various companies. Business atmosphere encourages the emergence of interesting ideas and the introduction of new practices into their structures. “The event, which we held for the second time, showed the need for such meetings and proved its original idea – sharing experience and best practices in order to find new approaches to managing and improving the processes of their own companies.”

Prepared by Iryna Dmyterko