Laura Valtere

Market Research and Export Adviser. Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Gateway & Partners, Riga, Latvia. Gateway & Partners is an export consulting company that links foreign companies. Founded in 2004, Gateway& Partners has grown into the largest export consulting company in the region uniting 40 international business professionals mastering 15 languages. Gateway’s team helps companies to develop and grow business in new markets by organizing partner searches, match-making events, and incoming buyer visits. Gateway provides up-to-date market intelligence – market research and analysis.  Clients are exporters, clusters, associations, government agencies, and consulting companies. Within 15 years Gateway has helped over 1000 companies to develop business across the world. Gateway has offices in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia.

After her studies of international business in the United Kingdom and Latvia, Laura focuses on helping companies to grow internationally by developing their export sales in Europe, Asia and North America.

During the last six years Laura has worked with several industries – food, wood, metal, textile, IT, packaging and printing. As Laura has an educational background, she enjoys to discuss about different market research and export experiences with new and experienced companies, as well as, to share her knowledge during different masterclasses and seminars.