Olena Skliarenko

Adjunct Professor
Olena Skliarenko
  • Extensive experience with organizational development projects in international and Ukrainian companies.
  • Olena combines project and consulting activities with teaching.
  • Focus on efficiency and business results.
  • Experience in disciplines: organizational development, personnel management, B2B marketing, process management.
Academic Experience
  • Olena is an Alumna of MA in Human Resources and Organization Development at UCU Business School, HR professional, business coach, consultant in organizational development and transformation.
  • Has 13 years of experience in international companies (Astelit, PeopleNET, TurkCel Global Bilgi, Imperial Tobacco Ukraine, Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine), 8 of them in HR.
  • The last three years has devoted to working on projects for the implementation of changes (structural, technological, and process information in Imperial Tobacco Ukraine) and on the development of corporate culture and level of engagement (in Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine (2800 employees)).
  • He has five years of experience consulting on developing organizations and cooperates with owners of both medium and large Ukrainian businesses.