Vladimir Melnyk

An Assistant Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behavior at the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University of Madrid.

He holds a PhD in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from Wageningen University (The Netherlands), CentER’s Research Masters in Marketing from Tilburg University (The Netherlands), MSc in Economics from CORIPE Piemonte (Turin, Italy) and an MSc in Business Economics from Sumy State University (Ukraine).

His main research interests lie in the area of consumer decision making, communication strategies, adoption of innovative products, social influence and peer pressure. His research focuses on understanding the role of social influence in consumer decision making and involves variety of methods, including, experimental research and meta-analysis. In 2008 Vladimir won the best paper award at the European Academy of Marketing Conference for his meta-analysis paper.

Vladimir has broad teaching portfolio at the Bachelor and Master level (Consumer Behavior, New Product Development, Quantitative methods of Research in Business, Marketing Management, Advanced Topics in Marketing).