Art & Craft: how after undergoing the trainings, the teachers of the UCU and LvBS elaborate new courses

The teachers of the Ukrainian Catholic University and Lviv Business School had undergone an intensive three-day course on the Art & Craft of facilitating learning spaces which ware run by Simon Kavanagh. All in all, 18 teachers have mastered some most innovative approaches to the elaboration and structure of new courses and programs and are strongly inclined to implement and promote them.


«It’s just incredible how much can teachers create in the scope of three days without being limited by a lecture format, when the educational process was realized through facilitation and reflections, with the main tools being sincerity and creativity!» Currently 18 teachers of the Ukrainian Catholic University have already acquired the knowledge of the most innovative approaches to the elaboration and delivery of courses and programs and are ready to implement and promote them! Eventually, three brand-new and completely indistinctive programs are ready for the following steps of their elaboration and implementation” – shared her impressions Yaryna Boychuk, the Academic Director of Lviv Business School.


Olha Dolia, the supervisor of the Programs on Managerial Development at Lviv Business School, succinctly recaps: «Learning by doing». You complete one program, but you feel as if you have completed minimum three! The course The Art & Craft of Designing & Facilitating Learning Spaces comprises a great number of new approaches to programs elaboration, creativity, and encourages people to think out of the box.


The Founding Dean of the UCU Lviv Business School, the Vice Dean, Sophia Opatska finally revealed the secret: «You might be curious as to how we spent our last three days? Awesomely! It was just fantastic, creative and efficient! Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset course in its essence is ready for the UCU students, as well as the Critical Creative Thinking and Create YOUR Future course. The group which was doing the course on The Art and Craft of Facilitating Learning Spaces, you are awesome!».


Simon Kavanagh, the international manager the international manager of KAOSPILOT alternative school of leadership and business from Denmark.