LvBS with the Norwegian University and company Innoco start the joint project in innovative education

Lviv Business School (LvBS) and the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) innovates education in partnership with NTNU and Innoco with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Prime Minister Erna Solberg visits Kiev this week and the project is one of the agreements that is to be signed during the official visit.

MFAs representative Olav Berstad is present in Kiev and points out that the project is one of the important initiatives taken to support a modern and democratic Ukraine.

Sofia Opatska, CEO at Lviv Business School and Katinka Kolsaker at Innoco are in charge of the project. They explain that one part of the project is to develop a new university subject combining education in good governance with a hospitality program. After a series of seminars, the Ukrainian participants will experience working with public services in different municipals in Norway.

The other part of the project aims at introducing a new course in interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation at Lviv Business School and the Ukrainian Catholic University. The Norwegian University of Technology and Science, NTNU in Trondheim introduced the subject ten years ago and it is now spreading to other Nordic Universities. It is a practical course providing skills in interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation, largely based on experienced based learning.

The project will cooperate with NTNU and adopt as well as adapt the course to fit the young students and the modern working life in Ukraine.

Sofia expresses optimism and ambitions for the future of Ukraine: The two projects are small but important building bricks to our future, she claims.