Canadian Minister Jason Kenney visits UCU

A Canadian delegation headed by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney and Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine Troy Lulashnyk visited UCU on March 1. They visited the Philosophy and Theology Faculty of the University and met with the leadership of UCU.

It was Jason Kenney’s first visit to Ukraine and he expressed his desire to visit UCU: “The Ukrainian Catholic University is known worldwide. It combines national traditions and Christianity, which is close to Canada. In addition, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper supported UCU a few years ago.”

Jason Kenney also addressed the participants of the International Philosophy Symposium “Ethics in a Globalized World and Civic Virtues,” which took place that day at the University, focusing his attention on the development of civil society organizations, which must be a solid foundation for the development of civil society.

“Community development is linked to the activities of civic associations, which are independent from the state. I am pleased that Canada in its history did not experience major crises in its civil progress. However, this means that Canadians have lost the sense of how important it is to keep the institutions of civil society. Therefore, we have a challenge to make sure that such cynicism does not overcome the sense of civil society,” said Jason Kenney.