March 2, 2019


5 weeks






11 500 UAH (excluding VAT) – all course

3 000 UAH (excluding VAT) – 1 module

Soft Skills Marathon [Lviv]


The economy of the future is a confidence economy. And therefore, the success of your company, global or local, will be based on the communication, social skills and the level of emotional intelligence of each team member. Lviv Business School of UCU invites you to a comprehensive program "Soft Skills Marathon", which will take place in March 2019. During the training, you will be able to master various skills, from communication and team work - to the development of emotional intelligence. This is an opportunity to increase your labour productivity and to develop more effective relationships with internal and external customers as well.
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The program includes a series of five one-day workshops, as well as intermodular support for training with individual activities.


Schedule of training modules:

March 2: Public speaking and presentations (Roman Zinchenko)

March 7: Business communication and emotional intelligence (Nataliia Kadja)

March 16: Team interaction. Conflicts. Leadership (Natalka Shpot)

March 23: Effective negotiations (Yuliia Trybushna)

March 30: Time management and personal effectiveness (Volodymyr Semenyshyn)

The training will last from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Module 1. Public speaking and presentation

  • The main elements of successful public speach.
  • Creation of an effective presentation structure.
  • Preparing for a speech: how and how long to prepare.
  • Language, gestures, behavior. Interaction with the audience.
  • Tools for combating the fear of public speaking.

Module 2. Business communication and emotional intelligence

  • Business communication management in a dynamic and uncertain environment.
  • Interpersonal and digital communication.
  • The concept of emotional intelligence (EI), its main elements and competence.
  • Identification and understanding of emotions (colleagues and your own).
  • What will bring the Advantages of the development of emotional intelligence in personal and professional development.

Module 3. Team interaction. Conflicts Leadership

  • The organization of successful teams. How to create a team where everyone achieves more.
  • Team conflict management.
  • The culture of feedback and team interaction.
  • Cooperation of cross-functional teams.
  • Leadership role in a team.

Module 4. Effective negotiations

  • Negotiations as art and game. Major modern trends and negotiation theories.
  • Preparation and collection of information, emotional adjustment before delicate negotiations.
  • Estimation of scenarios and BATNA preparation.
  • Roles in the negotiations.
  • Small talk in the negotiations.
  • Basic rules for negotiation (correct questions, emotional control, revealing obvious and hidden interests, identification of manipulations).
  • Completing the negotiations – what’s next?

Module 5. Time management and personal effectiveness

  • Time management system.
  • Goal setting and determination. Matching professional and personal goals.
  • Planning and workload management, determination and evaluation of work priorities.
  • Self-motivation as a time management tool. The method of actual contexts.
  • Work with unexpected events that “steal” time. Process optimization.
  • Time organization of staff in the company: corporate standards. Tools and methods of effective delegation.


Soft skills is a mixture of interpersonal, communication and social skills, which affect the effectiveness of the company’s activity as a whole and its units in particular.

During the training program “Soft Skills Marathon” participants will learn about:

– How to communicate effectively and to develop professional relationship through communication, as well as through awareness and perception of their own emotions?

– What tools, styles and tactics are important for successful negotiations?

– The most important teamwork skills: how to develop, to deal with and to motivate colleagues, and to evaluate their effectiveness and success?

– Effective time planning. How to overcome the obstacles, to achieve personal and professional goals, to manage resources, to work with expectations, to delegate responsibilities and, if necessary, to be able to say “No”?

– Principles of official public communication: strategy, language, ethics, effective use of the media and visual elements.

– Why does visualization prevail the text in the communication ?

Participants who complete all five training modules successfully will receive a certificate of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS).


The program has been developed for those who want to strengthen their soft skills as soon as possible.


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